Wolf's Official Artwork
Character Information
Series Star Fox
Original Debut Star Fox 64 (1997)
Smash Bros. Debut Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Brawl Tier C (14)
Smash Bros. Information
Brawl Unlockable
Special Moves
Standard Move Blaster
Side Move Wolf Flash
Up Move Fire Wolf
Down Move Reflector
Final Smash Landmaster


[edit] Background

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Wolf is Fox's rival from the Star Fox series. He is the captain of the Star Wolf team of mercenaries/bounty hunters. In Star Fox 64, he and his team of Pigma, Andrew Oinkeny and Leon fights Star Fox on 3 different planets. In Star Fox: Assault, he helps Fox defeat the aparoids, but supposedly dies. However, he does not die, and this is proven by his return in Star Fox Command. He also has a new partner named Panther Coroso. One of the three "Space Animals"

[edit] Role in SSE

Wolf has no role in Subspace Emissary. But after you beat the game, go to The Ruins and find a door a good way in to go to Lylat Cruise and fight him were you can beat him and unlock him. After you enter his secret door, he will arrive in his Wolfen, and challenge the player. Alternate Unlocking Option: Defeat "Boss Battles Mode" with Fox and then defeat Wolf. Alternate Unlocking Option: Play at least 450 matches.

[edit] Multiplayer

[edit] Pros

  • Can KO easily
  • Can Scar
  • Amazing Aerial and Ground Game
  • Good Projectile
  • Heavy
  • All of his aerials can be auto-cancelled

[edit] Cons

  • Can SD himself if used incorrectly
  • Will sometimes not grab the edge when recovering with Side B
  • Hard to finish off an opponent

[edit] Strategies

II. Moves

A: Grounded/Tilts-

Standard AAA- 3%, 2%, 4%

First two hits slash right in front of Wolf, dealing quick damage. If the first two are hit in succession, the third slash moves wolf forward giving a wider hit box.

Dash Attack- 9%

Wolf makes an epic back flip, making the hit box from the first sweep of his feet to a stopping point over his head. This move has a lot of lag, so make sure the hit lands.

Down Tilt- 6%

His foot grinds the ground in front of him, resulting in the foe tripping occasionally. The hit box consists of his entire leg on its first extend.

Up Tilt- 10%

A quick upward jab of the foot. The entire leg rising animation is the hit box, from bottom to top.

Over Tilt- 5%, 6% (Scratch 6% as well)

Claws outstretch in front of Wolf, giving two different animations. If hit in the hand area, a two-hit slash will be dealt. If hit at the tip of the claws, a quick scratch will be dealt, resulting in farther knock back. Be aware, if shielded during the first hit of the two-slash, massive lag is afflicted. This move can also be tilted in 2 other directions.

B: Aerials-

Back Air- 13%

One of Wolf’s greatest moves. This attack is quickly dealt with no lag while landing. The hit box ranges from the tip of his shoe to his knee.

Note: This attack can cause tripping.

Down Air- 15%

This move is Wolf’s uber meteor smash. Gives landing lag if used in a short hop or near the ground. Hit box of this move is his whole arm to claw area.

Note: This attack can cause tripping.

Up Air- 12%

A quick sweep around his head from one side to the other. The hit box is the entire white color of the animation. It has absolutely no landing lag.

Forward Air- 11%

He slashes in front of him leading to under him. The hit box only consists of the slash in front and a little space below him. This attack hits the opponent vertically.

Note: This can be auto-canceled by using a short hop.

Neutral Air- Strong hit: 8% Multi-Hit: 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%

Wolf spins like a ball, creating a force that catches you inside. If hit the moment it starts, a more powerful, one hit attack will be afflicted. If not, a small damaging attack with no knock back will be afflicted, but doesn’t allow them to move.

C: Specials-

Down Special- 3%

Known as Wolf’s reflector. It reflects objects, as well as interrupts any moves afflicted on it. The hit box of his reflector is any part of the pink that you can see.

Note: Super-armored moves will not be interrupted.

Up Special- 2%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 4%

Wolf speeds through the air with 10 rapid hits. This attack doesn’t travel far, so use it wisely. It travels in a straight line, so make the aim right to the ledge.

Over Special- Skim hit: 3% Sweet spot: 10%

This attack is very complex, so listen carefully. Wolf does a speed dash traveling horizontally, but not perfectly straight. The attack rises a small amount, making him move almost diagonally, but not quite as high.

If hit during the beginning of the animation, a small, week damaging attack will hit the opponent. If hit at the end of the animation, or the sweet spot, 1 of 3 things can happen:

1. Hit backwards- If the opponent is hit by the middle or back of Wolf’s body, they will be shot backwards with great force.

2. Hit forwards- If the opponent gets hit by the tip of Wolf’s head, they will hit the sweet spot and by driven forward.

3. Hit downwards- If the opponent is struck at Wolf’s lower part of the body, foot to belly, they will be meteor smashed downward. This attack is one of the most powerful meteor smashes in the game.

Note: Wolf’s over special can be used to scar or ledge stop, which will be explained later. This move can also be braked and put into a slide.

Standard Special- Blast: 5-6% Knife: 4%

Wolf pulls out his blaster to shoot a short-ranged green laser. The animation of Wolf pulling out the gun deals damage as well as the green laser.

D: Smashes-

Down Smash- Front Claw: 14% Back Claw: 13%

One of Wolf's most deadly moves, a quick double slash sliding across the ground. Goes from one side to the other. The hit box is all of Wolf’s arms and hands. Occasionally, if hit in the middle, both claws would hit.

Up Smash- 6%, 12%

A double upward kick consisting of both legs. The hit box is pretty much Wolf’s entire body. Occasionally the opponent slips out of the attack after the first strike, dealing only the 6% attack.

Note: This attack is easy to boost smash, which will be explained later.

Forward Smash- 5%, 10%

Wolf hits the opponent with an outstretched arm twice. This attack moves very far, so it is a good edge guarding attack. The hit box consists of his back to his hand. Beware, this attack has ending lag, so don’t hit a shield foe with it. This attack can trip the opponent, so make sure to follow up with another forward smash after they fall.

E: Grabs-

Downward Throw- 12%

This is a very powerful grab. Wolf throws the opponent into the ground, making them slide forward. If used at the edge of a stage they will slide out and down, making a perfect opportunity for a spike.

Upward Throw- 7%

Wolf hurls the opponent upward. Very basic.

Forward Throw- 7%

A slight push is given to the opponent, making them fly outwards. This throw can be used the same second as the grab.

Backwards Throw- 7%

Wolf jumps and slices the opponent upward. Same concept as the upward throw.

III. Techniques

A. Scarring-

Ah yes, scarring; Wolf’s most useful, one-of-a-kind trick. Wolf literally passes through certain stages with his side special move off of a ledge.

Instructions: While holding on a ledge, drop down by tapping down on the analog stick. Immediately after dropping, use his side special. Wolf will pass through the ledge, ending up on the stage. If the opponent is struck by a scar, they WILL be hit by the sweet spot. But be aware, if you use the side special too late after dropping, you will make a very humiliating suicide.

Scarrable Stages: Stages where this technique will work.

Brawl Stages-


Bridge of Eldin (When Broken)

Norfair (Middle Platform)

Frigate Orpheon (Right side, flipped once)

Yoshi’s Island

Pokemon Stadium 2

Wario Ware


Pictochat Melee Stages-

Yoshi’s Island

Green Greens


Scar 2- This type of scar can be used at almost any stage, but isn't as useful as the normal scar. This doesn't need to be used of an edge.

Instructions: Use your side special at the ledge from any point, as long as you touch the edge. While the animation of the side special is going, hold down on the analog stick. You will not grab on the edge and will continue on to the stage sliding. Beware, you must aim perfectly at the edge or you will suicide.

Scarrable Stages 2: Stages where this technique will work.

Brawl Stages-

Final Destination (Oh Yeah...)

Battle Field

Delfino Plaza

Luigi's Mansion

(More to Come)

B: Ledge Stop-

Another trick by using Wolf’s side special. There are two types of ledge stops:

1. Free Fall 2. Auto-Stand

Free Fall happens when either you fail a scar or try to recover too far from the edge. Using your side special DIRECTLY at the edge will result in this happening. Whatever you do, don’t panic. You get one extra jump, so use it to get back on. It can be quite useful if you’re being edge guarded.

Auto-Stand only works if you up against the ledge doing your over special. Use it up against the top of the ledge after dropping down. Wolf will automatically be standing on the stage. Try following up with a triple A attack after the auto-stand.

C: Illusion Brake-

Wolf’s side special, otherwise known as Illusion, can be stopped to give different lengths of travel. There are 3 different times to stop his Illusion, but only 2 are useful, so those will be the ones explained. This technique is to either trick the opponent into making certain moves or to travel in farther horizontal movement.

Instructions: To brake an Illusion, simply tap the special button during the animation of the attack. Tap the button before Wolf makes the full animation, and before he makes the second sound of the attack. Do not brake it when he is standing; brake it a split second after the take off. The earlier it is pressed, the shorter distance it will go. Toy around with this trick to get the perfect timing.

D: Boost Smashing-

A trick most characters can perform, but Wolf uses it exceptionally well. This trick cancels out your dash attack to transfer the momentum into your up smash.

Instructions: (Only for Game Cube controller) First perform a dash attack by tapping down on the C-Stick. Do not let the attack be brought out, however. Cancel out the attack by tapping up on the analog stick and by pressing Z, both at the same time. The final result will be you pressing down on the C-stick, up on the analog stick, and Z all at once. Make sure you dash first, though.

Note: If the opponent trips or is laying on the ground after a hit, try boost smashing into them.

E: Sliding-

Sliding is yet another technique performed with Wolf’s side special move. This only works on a very limited amount of stages, sadly. This trick uses the attack to slide on the ground instead of moving upward. The sweet spot still hits at its usual position.

Note: Just stand in the proper spot, and use the side special:

Slidable Stages: (That I’ve discovered)

Yoshi’s Island (Brawl- either side of the stage)

Lylat Cruise (When tipped at the right angle, either side)

The Pirate Ship (When crashed at the rock, use it up the tilted part)

Pictochat (Either side)

IV. General Tactics/Info

A. Approach-

The safest approach is most likely the short hop backwards air approach. Short hop over and while using your back air. Make sure to avoid getting shielded, because you will be punished.

Another approach, good against slower character, is the blaster approach. Predict their jumps and travel closer to them while using your blaster, or neutral special.

If your looking for a fast approach, jump really high and fall on them using your down special, backwards air, or an air dodge leading to a down smash. Try to make a very quick move, because any approach can get predictable.

Note: Switch between each approach tactic to stay unpredictable.

B. Type of Character/Options-

Wolf is an all round good character, so he is not limited to one playing option. He can play as a camper, charger, or opportunist.


My favorite style. From beginning to end, rush after the opponent to try to get any possible hit in. After hitting the opponent, rush them before they have time to recover. Give no mercy. The best charging moves are his backwards air and his down smash. You can even follow up a down smash with a backwards air.


This is a very defensive playing style. Hang out far away using your blaster to annoy the opponent. When they come rushing in to get you, block or hit them and start to camp again.


A style that punishes the foe more than anybody would like to be punished. Take a while to figure out how your opponent moves and predict every move they make. Take opportunities to shield lag-filled attacks to get a nice down smash in.

C: Situations-

There comes a time in every battle where desperate or punishable situations come at hand; but, there is always a way to counter them.

High Percentage Counter:

When your Wolf is at a very high percentage, much is at risk, so play carefully. Camp, avoid you opponent, and blast your neutral special like crazy. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so spam away!

The Perfect Scar:

Scarring isn’t necessary at all times, so only use it when needed. If being edge guarded well, by snake for example, use a quick scar and run, just, run. Also, if your opponent keeps blocking your recovery, trick them into thinking you doing a ledge stop, and then scar. And then run, of course.

D: STA (Surface to Air)-

There isn’t much Wolf can do to a opponent plummeting to the stage. He has no ground attacks capable enough to stop them. Your best bet is to jump and use back air. Another option is to keep your ground and use your down special to stun them.

E: ATS (Air to Surface)-

This is where Wolf gets his strong point. If you are desperate to get to the surface, just fall away from the foe. If they chase, use your down special to keep them away.

If you’re trying to attack your opponent, well, that’s a different story. Either fall right above your opponent, using a down aerial early, so they run right into it. Or, keep behind the opponent and striking them with a back air. Do NOT try to land with an air dodge. It won’t work. Trust me.

F: Grab Strategies-

Wolf has many grab combos, but fail against experienced opponents. He has a very quick grab attack, so it is easy to get 3 or 4 hits in, depending on their percentage.

Wolf’s grabs are mainly to keep the opponent away, so don’t overuse them. Use his down or forward throw to knock the foe off the edge, to set up for a spike.

G: Recovery/Spikes-

Everybody thinks that Wolf’s recovery is NELLY bad, but it really isn’t. Wolf can survive almost any hit, so don’t fret. Make sure to practice this though, for you won’t succeed with it. Use his over special to make the easy distances to a ledge. Don’t be edge hogged, for it is easy to edge hog.

Wolf’s up special is extremely difficult to edge guard or hog. Its multi-hit action provides speed and protection from most attacks. This move is good recovery on most stages; all stages without a lip. Be aware, it is easy to get caught under the lip of Final Destination and Pokemon Stadium 1.

Note: Going for the ledge is Wolf’s best bet. His recovery has too much lag to make it to the stage safely.

Wolf has two spiking moves: side special and down aerial. Wolf has weak jumps, so be careful while doing this. The most safe, useful way to use his down aerial is to short hop off of the edge and striking them. It won’t work if they are too high.

Note: Make sure to always have a second jump, or you won’t make it back.

His side special in an incredibly powerful spike, but very hard to land. The only way is to jump out farther than your foe, and to come back hitting them. Hard to do, very risky.

H: KO Moves/Move Decay-

This space animal has a very wide variety of KO worthy moves, but only as long as they aren’t decayed. Keep this list of moves fresh when they are at high percentages:

Down Smash-Kills medium weights at about 95%, if fresh.

Up Smash-Kills medium weights at about 115%, if fresh.

Forward Air-Kills medium weights at about 115%, if fresh.

Side Smash (Really)-Kills medium weights at about 115%, if fresh.

V. Match ups

A. Good Matchups-

Wolf does extremely well against enemies containing small hit boxes for their attacks. Fox’s kicks and punches don’t out range Wolf’s claws, giving him the upper hand. Use mostly aerials on Fox to keep away from his down smash.

You may say: “Whoa, Wolf has the upper hand of Snake?” Yes, it is true. Wolf’s hit boxes are slightly wider than Snakes best moves, giving him an easier kill. His back air can out hit Snake’s over tilt, which helps so much. Just stick to down smashes and aerials and Snake won’t be a problem.

B. Bad Matchups-

As mentioned above, Wolf only plays well against characters with small hit boxes. This electric rat, however, has a very wide hit box from its electric moves. Its down smash out speeds all of Wolf’s smashes, so be careful. Try to avoid Pikachu by using your blaster. Also, shield punish as much as you can.

Oh my Nelly Zelda has wide hit boxes. Both her up and side smashes out range his attacks in every way. Her aerials are very hard to approach because of the wide hit boxes. Try to keep your distance and punish the slow attacks. Predict her movements with the blaster and cease from using smash attacks.

More wide hit boxes! Oh my Nelly! The aura around Lucario's attacks have a much wider hit box than all of Wolf's attacks. It is very hard to approach this Pokemon, so go carefully. Use the blaster approach, which was explained earlier in the guide to get close, and out speed it with your quickest moves.

Bah, Olimar has great range with his freaking pikmin. It is dreadfully hard to approach such a long range smasher. The best strategy against this little dude is to stay close to him, but still out of range from his pikmin. Every throw he makes, smash or special, kill the pikmin. Make the foe run out of pikmin, so they have to pluck. Use the opportunity to strike hit. If you want to charge him, try jumping high and falling behind him, and using a quick attack. His reflector and down smash both out speed Olimar's down smash. Also, edge guard him by hitting him out with back air, and holding on to the ledge.

C. Equal Matchups-

This stupid bird gives Wolf some trouble, but Wolf can easily take advantage. Falco’s side smash and specials have wide hit boxes, but they aren’t very quick. Punish his lack of speed with your own quickness to take him down.

Yes, the 2D turtle throwing devil. His aerials and smashes have wider hit boxes, but have too much lag to give Wolf a big problem. Avoid the attacks until it lands and go for the strike either with a smash attack or an aerial. Avoid running into this things side smash because it is freaking powerful.

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