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Wario as Wario-Man

After chewing up some garlic, Wario puts on his cape and costume and turns into Wario-Man!

[edit] Special Effects

  • Increased speed in movement, and in attacks
  • Higher jump capability
  • Increased power in attacks
  • Increased Wario Waft power with less time.
  • Wario-Bike goes much faster. Use it with caution.

Some moves can be used to float and fall faster. Using Up-Air makes Wario-Man float upward. Also, Neutral Air makes him hover up, too. Wario-Man's Down-Air makes him fall faster. Use these to your advantage.

Wario-Man's best way of killing is edge-guarding when you knock them off and finishing them while at the same time making it back to the stage and setting up for the next kill.

Wario-man basically controls entire stages, his ability to fly extremely high and carry opponents off the top means that trying to jump away is practically suicide, and his best killers are fast ground based ones, his down smash is a powerful spike, so you can run but you can't hide.

You can obtain a trophy of this Final Smash by completing All Star mode with Wario.

[edit] Strategies

Wario-man can build up damage and kill very effectively but with the short time spent in this form you'll need to know how to do it effectively.

Forward Smash: His forward smash now has the same basic element as it did in the Wario Land games, when Wario-man uses it he will dash forward, at full charge this KOs at low percents and has great speed and range.

Wario bike: Most players make the mistake of trying to jump off the bike, it is actually a lot easier, safer and wiser to just turn around, granted, however, you are on the ground.

Corkscrew: Possibly the least used of all Wario-man's moves, never should it be used in recovery, Wario-man's aerials give him much better flight but if used right next to somebody you will hit them twice with an electric element, high-knockback and if used right out of his jabs you can easily KO.

Wario waft: Wario Waft becomes a one hit KO and alot faster, it can still be shielded but what can't? Also while in Wario-man form the speed your fart charges increases, so don't worry about waiting for the right time to start the Final Smash, as long as you haven't used the Wario waft for a while, but it is highly dangerous, on Mushroomy Kingdom, if done out of a short hop you will still be star-KOd, but why use it when you've got much better moves with even less risk?

[edit] Trivia

  • In Wario Ware Twisted, Wario-Man's first appearance, Wario-Man's moustache was red, in all other games with Wario-Man it was black.

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