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Type Hand Item
Series Appearances: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Appearance: Metalic, gray, teal
Size: Small
Strength: Weak-Medium

[edit] Item Effect

A Unira is an object that looks like a spike ball. It originates from Clu Clu land. You can pick it up and throw it at people or the floor. Alternatively you can attack it. The spikes will then increase in length and damage others that come into contact with it. To make its spikes contract again, the person who made the spikes increase in the first place hits it again.

[edit] Strategy

The Unira is quite the unique item. While characters are able to pick it up and throw it, the Unira will stick to the first solid surface it makes contact with. To utilize this item well, you can take one of two approaches. You can attempt to knock opponents into a Unira by hitting them with an attack that will knock them back into the motionless Unira. On the other hand, you can capitalize on an opponent being hit by a Unira by simply lining up an attack to possibly KO them. As it is a projectile when thrown, any reflector techniques from characters like Mario and Wolf will send the Unira back in the direction it came from with increased knock back and damage output. Lucario is really the only one able to avoid damage from an extended Unira since his counter-strike move will carry him away from the item whereas both Marth and Ike stand still with their counter-strike. The only player who can make the spikes contract is the one who threw the Unira in the first place.

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