Triforce Gathering

Event Match 29: Triforce Gathering
SSBM Triforce Gathering.png
Link and Zelda battling Ganondorf in Triforce Gathering.
Character Used Link(1 Stock)
Allies Princess Zelda (1 Stock)
Opponent Ganondorf(2 Stocks)
Stage Temple
Availability Unlockable

Game Description: Enter Ganondorf! Team up with Zelda and fight evil!

Triforce Gathering is the twenty-ninth event match in Super Smash Bros. Melee. The player will control Link as they team up with Princess Zelda as they take on Ganondorf. If Princess Zelda gets KO'd, then the player will fail the event match and the player will have to restart the event.

After completing the event, if the player has not unlocked Ganondorf, then Ganondorf will appear as a challenger. The player will use Link as they face off on Final Destination. If the player wins, then the player will unlock Ganondorf as a playable character.

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