Toon Link

Toon Link
Toon LinkU.png
Toon Link's Official Artwork
Character Information
Series Legend of Zelda
Original Debut The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (2002)
Smash Bros. Debut Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Smash Bros. Information
Smash Bros. N/A
Melee N/A
Brawl Unlockable
3DS / Wii U Starter
Special Moves
Standard Move Hero's Bow
Side Move Boomerang
Up Move Spin Attack
Down Move Bomb
Final Smash Triforce Slash


[edit] Background

Toon Link was first featured in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. He then went on to appear in hand helds such as The Minish Cap, Four Swords, and Phantom Hourglass. Phantom Hourglass was actually a direct sequel to Wind Waker, a rarity for the Zelda series. He was initially unaccepted by the Legend of Zelda fan base.

[edit] Role in SSE

Toon Link can be found after completion of SSE. He has no role in the story, and is optional to fight.

[edit] How To Unlock in Brawl=

  • Brawl 400 Times.
  • After beating SSE, clear Classic Mode.
  • After beating SSE, go to The Forest and enter the first room.

[edit] Multiplayer

[edit] Pros

  • Long range
  • Nimble
  • Quick
  • Three good projectiles
  • Easily adaptable
  • Has an amazing air game
  • Good ground game

[edit] Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Fairly easy to gimp

[edit] Strategies

[edit] Moveset

Jab: 3%..2%..5% Toon Link slashes 3 times with his sword. Good for just dealing damage when you feel like it

Dash Attack: 8-10% Toon Link rushes with his sword and slices his opponent. Used most on enemies lying down.

Edge Attack: 8% Toon Link does an awesome flip while slashing onto the stage. While cool, don't use this often jump instead. If his damage is over 100% he makes a desperate stab. This deals 10%.

[edit] Tilts

Ftilt: 9% Toon Link slashes in front of him like in Wind waker. Its good to use when you throw them at 0%

Utilt: 9% Toon Link sweeps his sword upwards. This is the perfect move to use at low percentages allowing you to juggle them till about 40%.

Dtilt: 9% Toon Link slides his sword in front of his feet. While its not incredibly useful it does have a chance to trip, leading to all sorts of nasty strings.

[edit] Smashes

Fsmash: 10%..13% (Charged 14%...18%)Toon Link does a double diagonal slash in front of him. This is his most powerful attack. Dealing 23 damage uncharged, it has the same strength as a falcon punch, without the knock back. This is a killing move. Its better used when not expected. This attack also produces a shock wave behind Toon Link hurting foes for 8-10%.

Usmash: 15% (Charged 21%) Toon Link makes an arc with his blade causing vertical damage. This is a tool you will use to juggle a lot. It also has nice killing potential. You can Also Use this move as dash, simply running forward then tap up on the c-stick.

Dsmash: 6%..11% (Charged 8%..15%) Toon Link slashes in front and behind. This attack is cool because it catches them on the first hit then hits them on the second hit as well. An enemy manages to slip out every now and then. Sends them flying up vertically. If the second hit is near a ledge it will send them outward horizontaly. Wise to use on Ike and others with bad recoveries.

[edit] Aerials

Nair: 10%..10% Toon Link swipes in front and behind him in the air. It is possible to get both hits. This is better used closer to the ground. Its also good if you donut feel like guessing where your opponent is going to move.

Fair: 13% Toon Link does a spinning slash in front of him. The move is amazing, has great knock back and damage dealing. This is your main edge-guarding skill. Perhaps the best air finisher Toon Link has. It can pack a punch,though it takes some time to fully release. One move thats worth using,it can send an opponent quite far even if they are at a low percentage. Though it is strong,don't always use it as a finisher,it can be dodged quite easily and doesn't have multi-use like some of his other airs. A good setup for this move is usually either the boomerang,which is the rather "riskier" setup,because of the time it takes to get to the opponent and the time to initiate it,or the bomb,which is a safe way to go,since the opponent might not want to approach you because of the extra knock back from the bomb,meaning the explosion. It also works great as an edge guard move finisher,since it doesn't require much damage to KO the opponent.

Bair: 10% Toon Link does a backwards half spin slash. This skill is equally godlike because of its massive juggling potential. You can get 3 of these bad boys of then finish with a fair if you set up well for it. Bair can be used multiple times in succession,the most noticeable of this case is the SH to a Bair and then another Bair right before landing,in both jumps normally from the same starting point to the same ending point,he can do at most, 3-4 bairs. The reach of this move is like most other move, 1 character space, so its easy to take advantage of distance this time . Beware that this move leaves you open from the front for approximately 1 second. Another tip for using this move is for easy damage build-up,since its very rapid compared to other moves,it can quickly hit before the opponent does,though the move decay may cause it's power to drop down to about 4% in damage,overusing it isn't an option. When edge guarding, its use can be taken advantage of, with its quickness it can hit easily.

Uair: 14% Toon Link Stabs upwards. This is your 3rd and final killing blow. Its pretty predictable though, try to use it sparingly. A very good move for keeping the opponent struggling in the air. It is best used from a SH and a way to force your opponent on the ground,if you're attempting to do so. When an opponent is trying to recover on-stage through the air or above you,don't let that stop you from trying to reach for your opponent and possibly,if the damage is high enough,a KO. Fair is a very solid move,but the way that its used,can cause problems, Toon Link is left open from his left,right,and bottom without any protection,the right and left side can be quickly covered by rapidly dropping to either side,but the bottom still has the issue of no defense,so if the opponent dodges this move,and tries to somehow go in for an attack,try and recover on the ground as fast as you can. It also has better reach than most other moves,so its safe to use it from the bottom of an opponent even if they're using their Dair,though Toon Link might be hit,depending on the opponents character.

Dair: 13%..8% Toon Link Thrusts downwards pretty fast. This is another combo move and its part of Toon Link 's mind game. Novices often spam this and after awhile it get predictable. Hold off on it. The most multi-use move in Toon Link's arsenal. It can hop around in the air,especially on grounded opponents. The usual use is to quickly ground Toon Link when in the air,but attempting to ground him and sneak in some damage onto your opponent may be the best choice in that specific moment. Since the use of the move has lag while landing, an approach to the ground with a bomb on your side closer to your opponent is a better way to land, be warned that this won't stop your opponent from trying to attack you, they can try and catch you off-guard with an air, to prevent this,try having a boomerang out before you go into the air, and make sure to throw it at maximum distance,at ALL times. Note: Dair has Meteor smash capabilities. DO NOT try to meteor smash someone with this move! More often then not, you will fail, horribly.

[edit] Specials

Neutral B: Hero Bow 4%(Charged 12%) Toon Links Bow. Use it to stop a rushing enemy. It also restores decayed moves. The more precise projectile of Toon Link's. It needs good aiming, precise timing,and perhaps, defense. Sure,its useful for quick use and throwing in a bit of surprise damage on to your opponent,but it has more use then that,it can quickly force your opponent to rethink his/her recovery because of the extra pressure it adds on to them. It also has multi-use, one SH can allow you to use two arrows,about 4-5 with both jumps if the arrows are released immediately.

Down B: Bombs 3-7% Toon Links Bombs!! Use these to set up strings discussed later in the guide. It does more damage if the bomb physically hits your opponent. Risky little thing, but it sure can change the battle. It isn't exactly the best move, but it can help you in troublesome times. Its a good cover for most moves, seeing as the opponent won't want to take any damage (and the blast radius is rather large), even the small amount that the bomb gives, take advantage of your opponent's caution to it,and rush them so you can sneak hits in freely without having to worry about anything serious. One of its more "better" uses is the double-recovery,where even after you used your Up-Special,if timed right,the bomb will explode after you're in the animation of not being able to do anything besides move around helplessly in the air, allowing you to re-do your Up-Special.

Side B: Boomerang 8% (3% on return) Toon Links Boomerang. Think of it as a stronger aimable arrow. Your opponent hardly ever sees this coming. You can also use it to fake someone out. Tricky, best word to explain it, if the opponent isn't hit at first throw, don't think it's useless anymore,it can save you from an attack by your opponent. Since it can interrupt at unexpected times,it means it can also change what you were originally planning to do,this goes for your opponent as well, though it might be harder for your opponent in the case that the boomerang is still working for your side and not the opponent's side. It is also a good cover for any move you may want to use,since the direction can be controlled and can change the opponent's motions around it,even forcing them off the ground and into the air,one suggested is the boomerang-to-arrow,which requires the boomerang to be thrown into a direction,then use an arrow in the direction under/over the boomerang went.

Up B: Spinning Slash x12 1% (charged x19 1%) Your main Recovery. Hardly usable on the ground. If you juggled your opponent at a high % and your both pretty high up, go for it! The last hit of this attack causes the Knock back.

[edit] Throws

Grab Jab: 2% Toon Link smacks his opponent with the hilt of the master sword. Pretty strong. Use it once or twice to add some hurt to your opponent.

Fthrow: 7% Toon Link Kicks his foe forwards. At 0 % you can spam this about 4 times. Just stand still and don't grab jab. Keep grabbing until you're ready to move into a string.

Bthrow: 7% Toon Link Kicks his foe backwards. This Attack is good at lower percentages. After you throw them, they should be pretty close still. Either start a bair string or try a ftilt.

Uthrow: 7% Toon Link slashes his foe upwards. Your not going to use this often. Try to quickly Uair your foe at a high percent. Other then that, Dthrow is better.

Dthrow: 7% Toon Link Pile drives his opponent sending them backwards. This move gets good at about 40% Allowing you to go into a bair string almost immediately. From there the strings are limitless.

[edit] Combos, Strings, Tips

[edit] Tips

Dair/Bomb trick: This is explained above in the "Dair" section of airs, all you need for this little trick to help ground you safely is a bomb,and you need to be somewhere in the air,but enough that even after you release the bomb,you won't get hit by it upon reaching the ground. Another thing is the explosion caused by it can allow your opponent defenseless for enough time to,if you used the Dair a bit to the side where your opponent was knocked towards to,hit your opponent right after the bomb impacts them on the ground, allowing you about 29% damage at the least,if the bomb hit,and the Dair hit twice after the bomb hit. And even more damage because your probably in position for a bair or a fair

Chain(tether) Recovery: As any Toon Link player may know, he has a chain that he may use for grabs,but it has another use too,a way to grab the edge,if you feel that your Up-Special may lead you into some kind of trouble,and you're close to the edge,use the chain instead,it won't be dropped if the opponent uses a Dtilt or any other move while you're hanging,but it will leave you vulnerable to any attacks directly done to Toon Link.

Edge Shooting: This is just something basic that can be done very easily,it is just jumping from the edge quickly after letting go and using any of Toon Link's projectiles. Just a little way to confused the opponent,and surprise him/her.

Multi Use(Decay):A repetition of a move multiple times on the ground or in the air,mostly successful use of the move. Though the bad side to this is move decay. And be warned it could be defended and countered very easily.

[edit] Combos and Strings

[edit] Basic Strings

Arrow Smash: People who don't main Our green Hero Usually hate him. Use this Skill to your advantage When your opponent thinks he can hit you with a dash. A great opener for a string. How To: Fire a single arrow. If your opponent doesn't get hit, Then rush in with a sliding usmash.

Utilt Juggle: Toon Link Has a Lot of opening combos. This is one of his better ones. It can only hit 3 times at 0%. After that they should be pretty high up. Its nair or Bair time! How To: Get up close and keep utilting. You might want to turn off the Tap up to jump

Quick Arrow: Toon Link Fires his bow without the startup animation of pulling back the string. How To: Short hop and right when your about to hit the ground, press B. Takes some practice but its not really useful.

[edit] Advanced Strings

Bomb to Dair: This one is a bit tricky. Its a great opener especially if your foe hasn't seen it before. It causes a lot of damage but is pretty readable if you spam it to much. How to: Grab a bomb. Jump until your about right above your foe. After you throw it immediately dair. If it works either both you and the bomb hit or its one of the two. If dair hits at a lower percentage then you can try a bair or a fair depending on your position.

Double Arrow: This is a tough one to perform. Its not really cool or effective, but it could have its possibilities. It consists of a Short hopped arrow attack. How to: Remember the Quick arrow? This is basically firing an arrow right when you SH then firing again. Pretty tough to pull off in a battle. The arrows usually hit at the same time.

Dthrow To Bair: (Note: Enemy should be at around 40%.) The basic gist is to start up your deadly air combos. Juggle them! How to: Simply grab them and press down. Quickly follow up with a dair combo and try to finish with a uair.

[edit] Fighting Strategies

Camper: Toon Link doesn't make the best camper be that doesn't mean you cant try. Your going to need to jump to get his projectiles over there! This Strategy benefits Toon Link by limiting the amount of damage he takes while slowly increasing their percentage. Note that Good reading skills are required for this strategy. This is a bad strategy to use for Koing however. You should combine this with the offensive strategy for best results.

Offensive: This is where Toon links ground moves start to shine. It consists of Using throws and smashes to your advantage. For example, Bthrow then fsmash before your opponent has time to recover. Using aerials here is critical too. The point here is too build up enough damage quickly, and then Strike quickly with your more powerful moves like fsmash, uair and fair.

Defensive: Toon Link isn't exactly the heaviest character in the game,and a defensive style of play may not help much. Since being on defense requires you to let the opponent come to you,damage him from a distance,start off with arrows,maybe a boomerang and have a bomb out,doing all this will cause the opponent to close in and stop the barrage,now time for tilts and grabs,since smashes are slow and may leave an opening for the opponent to attack you,so Utilt might be your best bet,it can pretty much cover the front and back of Toon Link,after it would be a good thing to follow up with either Uair,Fair,or Bair,since you should be trying to open space between you and the opponent, then you re-do the procedure all over again.

Aerial: As good as Toon Link's aerials are, they leave him wide open during the attack, the only side of him that isn't open is the side where he directs the attack towards,say Fair leaves him open from the back,bottom,and from the top,so the best option is to have a boomerang thrown out in the direction you'll most likely be open in, or have a bomb thrown or dropped before you choose to use an air. Also best to use for edge-guarding, seeing as trying to smash or tilt an opponent while they're trying to recover has a very low chance of working.

Floating: Since Toon Link is a floaty character, and hes light, he can stay in the air for a decent amount of time and use many aerial attacks along with projectiles. Take advantage of this by trying to use a few projectiles or some airs in the first jump,and before landing, use the double-jump and try releasing some more attacks. Theres also a rare thing that happens with Toon Link where he can float in the same horizontal plane for a few seconds with his Dair after being hit by an attack,this id possibly a result as a reaction to a heavy impact delivered and then an immediate stop with Dair, resulting in being able to float in the air. Unfortunately, the animation sticks the time Toon Link is in the air,rendering Toon useless of any of his attacks.

[edit] Advanced Techniques

Quick Arrow (QA) - A quick arrow is firing an arrow at the exact point in which Toon Link touches the ground, firing an arrow slightly faster than he would normally fire an arrow whildst on the ground. It can be used after taking out a bomb, using an Nair, etc.

Short Hop Bomb Drop (SHBD) - This tehcnique requires precise timing and isn't very useful in general. The technique overall can be done from a short hop or a full jump, though it's called the short hop bomb drop, it should be done from a short hop, in which where you're holding a bomb and short hop, then at the point where Toon Link is about to land, tap the shield button to drop the bomb without throwing it or attacking, if done correctly the bomb should be laying on the stage stationary. After the bomb is laying stationary on the ground, from there Toon Link can push it with an Dair or can throw it, etc.

Short Hop Double Arrow (SHDA) - This is a technique which is quite simple, it requires Toon Link to short hop, at the beginning of the short hop, fire an arrow, then do a quick arrow on the ground when Toon Link has come down.

Ledge Bomb Dropping (Not sure of the real name) - The requirements for this technique are basically the same as using the bomb drop. What Toon Link is supposed to do is grab onto the edge, quickly drop then full jump, take out a bomb, then drop it, if done correctly the bomb will be on the ledge but will be stationary.

Jump Cancel Throw (JC Throw) - This is Toon Link's solution to Glide Tossing. To do this technique, you must pull out a bomb, jump, and then instantly slide you thumb down to the A button. This is great for starting up strings and getting up close to your opponent. You may JC Throw the bomb in any direction.

-The other Advanced Techniques will be added later on-

Moveset and Guide Credit Goes To Ragnell And SonicFire

Note: The match-up section for this page (Toon Link) has been deleted and is to be restored when more data is gathered.

[edit] Game Appearances

  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Gamecube)
  • The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (Nintendo DS)
  • The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (Nintendo DS)
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (Gameboy Advance)
  • The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures (Gamecube)

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