The Ultimate Bodyguard

Event Match 31: The Ultimate Bodyguard
The Ultimate Bodyguard.
Character Used Marth(1 Stock)
Allies Princess Zelda (1 Stock)
Opponent 2 Ganondorfs(2 Stocks Each)
Stage Castle Siege
Availability Unlockable(Available when all characters are unlocked)

Game Description: Ganondorfs attack Zelda as she focuses! Protect her at all costs!

The Ultimate Bodyguard is the thirty-first event match in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. In this event, Marth will go up against 2 Ganondorfs. Marth is partnered up with Princess Zelda who will not move until the third tier of the stage where she turns into Sheik if Marth has yet to KO the two Ganondorfs.

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