The Ruined Zoo

The Ruined Zoo.
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Run away! Lucas evades the attack of the King Statue.
Played on The seventh level of the SSE.
Characters Introduced Lucas,Ness,Pokemon Trainer,Squirtle
Parts 2
Bosses King Statue,Porky Minch


[edit] Part One

The cutscene starts with Lucas walking through an old and long-since abandoned zoo. Primids materialize around him and start closing in on him. Lucas cowers in fear until the King Statue drops down and smashes the Primids. Lucas runs off as the Statue gives chase,starting the level.

You have to get to the end of the level while evading the King Statue. It doesn't move that fast,but Primids and numerous obstacles attempt to halt your progress. Coming in contact with the statue could mean death-it has quite a knockback.

Near the end,the King Statue will fall into a body of water,taking out some of the wooden platforms. Once you reach the other side,the Statue will drop down again and the level will end after moving forward a bit.

NOTE:This is a side-scrolling stage!

A cutscene begins. Lucas trips on a stick and is helpless as the Statue gains. However,Ness appears and destroys the statue,revealing Porky.

[edit] BOSS:Porky Minch

This is the third boss in the game (minus shadow battles). Porky is quite a challenge, and has a wide arsenal of attacks.

  • Jumping up and landing on you
  • Sprinting across the screen
  • Jabbing at you multiple times with his mech's claws.
  • Launching explosive Porky-bots.
  • Firing a beam.
  • Hovering in the sky and firing a deadly laser.

After Porky is defeated, Lucas will run over to Ness, breathless from the fight. Wario is seen on a rock with a Dark Cannon. He shoots, aiming for Ness. Ness dodges the shot and the others that follow. Wario aims for Lucas, seeing as Ness isn't worth it. Ness takes the bullet to save Lucas, who runs off while Wario collects his prize.

[edit] Part Two

Cutscene begins. Lucas has stopped running and is wandering around in the zoo until he bumps into the Poke`mon Trainer. He reveals an army of Primids in front of him. Lucas is scared once more,but the Trainer sends out Squirtle, and the next part begins.

ENEMIES: Primids, Floows, Feyesh, Bytans, Chickens, Buckots.

This level has enemies all over,even introducing a new one,the Floow. Common obstacles are groups of spikes that usually require a double jump or a spring to get over. There are also enemy-spawning portals and collapsing platforms. Water dots the landscape,which helps because you can drown enemies. Many platforms require a string or a double jump + recovery. One platforms leads to an enemy stop with Fire Primids,Chickens and Floows.

Once the level is completed,you go to the results screen and back to the map.Lucas,Poke`mon Trainer,and Squirtle join your team.

[edit] Music Played

  • Porky's Theme
  • Team Galactic Battle

[edit] Fun Fact

In Mother 3, the King Statue was invincible unless it was hit by a New Year's Bomb. The Statue is invincible during part one, but Ness destroys it with PK Flash.

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