The Pirate Airship

Event Match 37: The Pirate Airship
Event Match 37: The Pirate Airship.
Character Used Toon Link(2 Stocks)
Opponent 2 Yoshis (1 Stock Each)
Stage Pirate Ship
Availability Unlockable

Game Description: Your chance comes when the whirlwind lifts the pirate ship. Finish it in the sky!

The Pirate Airship is the thirty-seventh single-player event match in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The player takes control of Toon Link for this event, as they will need to KO two Yoshis when the whirlwind picks the ship up. If a Yoshi is KOed while the Ship is on the water, they will respawn at 0%

For completing this event, the player will unlock the Song of Storms for the Pirate Ship stage.

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