The Great Invasion

The Great Invasion
Turrets fire at the oncoming starships.

The Great Invasion is not a level in the Subspace Emissary, but a cutscene.

It starts off with the giant Subspace Gunship emerging from the Subspace that had consumed the Island of the Ancients. It is a giant cannon with defensive turrets dotting the ship. The cannon powers up and fires a giant laser. On a land far away, Subspace starts to consume everything nearby.

Ganondorf and Bowser are shown on the bridge of the ship. Bowser seems happy about the cannon's first shot. Ganon notices something-the Halberd is charging at the ship at high speeds, but no cannons are fired. Ganon orders for the turrets to activate, and they tear apart the much smaller ship. A giant laser shoots straight through the Halberd, and the battleship breaks into two halves and explodes.

Out of the explosion emerges the Falcon Flyer, Samus's starship, a Warp Star and Olimar's spaceship! Bowser is furious, but Ganon simply orders the turrets to continue firing, this time in a swirling pattern. The hero's ships continue on, avoiding the enemy fire.

A small light appears, but it isn't noticed. It's Kirby on a Dragoon! The villains don't see the destructive weapon coming. It slices right through the cannon, cutting it in half and destroying it. Ganondorf turns around and walks away into Subspace. Bowser takes one last look at the scene before him, then follows Ganon.

Now that the Subspace Gunship is no more, the heroes drive their ships right into Subspace to defeat the villain pulling the strings behind the Subpace Army.

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