The Battlefield Fortress

The Battlefield Fortress
Battlefield Fort.jpg
The Battlefield Fort's Enemy Stop
Level # The seventh level in the SSE.
Characters Unlocked Marth,Meta Knight,Ike.
Bosses None

The Battlefield Fortress is the seventh level in the Subspace Emissary and a long one at that. It can divided into three parts.


[edit] Part 1:The Fortress

Cutscene starts. It shows an old battlefield with arrows stuck in the ground and catapults left behind. Two R.O.B.s set off a Subspace Bomb in the middle of the field, under the eye of the Ancient Minister. Marth, who resides in the fort, notices the explosion and reaches for his sword handle. Shadow Bugs drop down and materialize into Primids.

The adventure starts. Head down the slant to face some Primids trying to get the jump on you early. Continue inside to find some fall-through platforms and Sword Primids. Get rid of them and head down the hallway, avoiding the Glunders rolling on the ceiling. The next room introduces a new and powerful foe-the Armight. Beat them up and enter a main room, where two more Armights will attack you. Go up the ladder and into the room for health and stickers if you wish. Then go back into the room and down the hall. Go down the lower passage to avoid some Primids and gain an Extra Life.

Go outside and step through the door. Use Marth's down A slash to trigger the switch. Another new SSE troop runs into you-the Roader. These guys will charge onto the screen and knock you away. Continue through the plain, beating up some enemies along the way, meeting the Autolance along the way. At the end, run offscreen to go to another cutscene.

Marth reaches the explosion and is ambushed by Meta Knight! The two Brawlers mistake each other for enemies and fight. Primids run up to grab them, but are cut down by the swordsman. Realizing they are on the same team, Marth and MK join forces to fight the Subspace Army.

[edit] Part 1 Army Fight

There are 30 enemies, mostly Primids, Sword Primids, and Scope Primids. There is wind that blows you back and a few platforms. The Scope Primids are usually placed here.

Enemy list:

  • Primid
  • Sword Primid
  • Boom Primid
  • Buckot
  • Greap

After destroying the army, you'll continue to Part 2. This time you can play as MK.

[edit] Part 2:Through the Field and down Underground

You'll be racing through the battlefield. There are many enemy stops around at this point, filled with more Primids, Armights, Autolances, and the powerful Greap. At the end there is one giant enemy stop that includes Feyesh, Armights, Primids, and Autolances. Continue through the door to head down to the underground section.

In the mines.
Battlefield Fort2.jpg
Race around the level in the mine cart!

This section is built on using the mine cart. Jump into the mine cart to ram through foes and jump out if a yellow sign with an exclamation point is seen. When in the cart, you'll kill foes in one hit. Ramming into a spike wall will crash the cart and you'll be thrown out. There is an enemy stop at one point with some Scope Primids and Buckets, but that's basically it. Exit through the door to continue.

[edit] Part 3:Enter Ike!

Meta Knight and Marth with pursue Ancient Minister, who is in the possession of another bomb. It looks like he'll get away, but Ike jumps up and cuts the bomb off of the speeder. The Minister's speeder is sent out-of-control, and he retreats. Now, choose your Brawler and prepare to finish off the Subspace forces stationed here.

You'll be going through a lot of enemy stops here. Beat up every enemy to continue. Another powerful sumo-like enemy is fought here.

Enemy list:

  • Primid variations
  • Buckot
  • Feyesh
  • Sumo-like enemies

Race offscreen to complete the level. You'll be taken to the results screen. Ike, MK, and Marth will join your team.

[edit] Music Played

  • Preparing to Advance
  • Crimean Army Sortie
  • Ike's Theme (unlockable)
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