Team Healer

Team Healer

A picture of the Team Healer.
Type Restoration
Series Appearances: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Appearance: Blue, orb
Size: Small
Strength: N/A

[edit] Item Effect

A Team Healer has absolutely no meaning when playing non-team battles. Just by it's name you can probably tell what it does. Once you get a hold of this item you can throw it at your ally and their percentage will decrease. The higher percentage your ally has, the more this item will heal. Although, if this item is thrown at the opposite team, you will recover their damage instead!

Sometimes, when thrown at an enemy character it will damage them. A unique trait that is most likely an oversight in programming is that it can damage opponents who are still invincible after dropping from a re-spawn platform.

[edit] Strategy

There's nothing tricky about the Team Healer. It's a straightforward item that does just what its name implies. If you aren't in a team battle, then don't even go through the trouble of getting this item. When you are in a Team Battle, however, it can sometimes mean the difference between a win and a loss. The main goal here is to just make sure the other team doesn't grab a hold of a Team Healer. If your ally's damage percentage is fairly high, then this item can really help them out. However, the Team Healer will effect the first person that comes into contact with it once it's thrown. This means that even an opposing team's member can be healed when you throw a Team Healer if they are the first to come into contact with it. If at all possible, get as close as possible to your ally and throw it at them. The closer you can get to your ally, the lesser the chance the opposing team has to prevent you from getting your ally healed with the Team Healer. Be careful when using the Team Healer in a Team Battle so you heal your ally instead of an intercepting opponent.

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