Tabuu's official art.
Series Super Smash Bros.
Boss The final boss in SSE and boss battles

[edit] Backround

Tabuu is the the main antagonist in The Subspace Emissary. He is the embodiment of Subspace appears. He wants to cut the world into pieces and drag it into his world. He hides himself in Subspace, watching our world vigilantly.He cannot leave Subspace, which is why he has to prepare an army and a leader for the offensive into the other world.He uses chains of light to bend Master Hand to his will, and uses Master Hand to recruit Bowser, Ganondorf and Wario to go turn any fighter into a trophy. He is able to use his wings to create off waves which turns fighters into trophies instantly.

[edit] Attacks

  • Cuts across the stage in a U shape with a sword in his hand - Double Jump
  • Disappears and reappears quickly leaving behind explosions - Air Dodge if needed
  • Disappears and reappears in front of you then starts trying to claw you madly - Get away
  • Fire a lot of lasers from his hand then one large blast - Sidestep out
  • He reappears in the middle of the screen then emits three red rings from his wings that kill instantly - Downstep
  • Changes into a large knife and cuts across the screen (Depends on Level) Duck if on the ground
  • He pin-points several areas of the stage with a *ping* sound, then makes explosions in the areas that were marked - Get out of the areas
  • A large head is made under neath Tabuu and he fires a huge laser cannon from it - Double Jump
  • He becomes gigantic and then fires lasers from his eyes
  • He changes into a pair of golden lines and flies across the screen and if it touches you then it grabs you and slams you into the floor - Air Dodge
  • Appears right next to you and emits a circle of electricity around himself - Get away
  • Sends a razor sharp blade across the screen and then back to himself- Double Jump And Up special if need be.
  • Grabs you with a rope and then swings you around and throws you against the floor - Air Dodge
  • Sends copies of himself in every direction that explode if they touch you- Air Dodge

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