Suzaku Castle

Suzaku Castle
Suzaku Castle.png
Suzaku Castle in the Wii U version
Universe Street Fighter
Home Stage Ryu
Availability Downloadable

Suzaku Castle is a stage available in Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U, originating from the Street Fighter series. The stage can be downloaded, coming bundled with the character Ryu at a price of $5.99 for one game, or $6.99 for both.


[edit] Design

The stage consists of two larger platforms placed on the right side, utilizing walkoff areas. Two smaller platforms are placed to the left of these large platforms, while destructible signs are dotted along the largest platform.

[edit] Origin

Suzaku Castle is based on Ryu's "Japan" stage in Street Fighter II, including the rooftop and castle in the background, as well as wooden platforms and destructible signs.

[edit] Stage Music

[edit] 3DS

  • Ryu Stage Type A
  • Ryu Stage

[edit] Wii U

  • Ryu Stage
  • Ken Stage
  • Ryu Stage Type A
  • Ken Stage Type A
  • Ryu Stage Type B
  • Ken Stage Type B

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