Super Smash Bros. Melee

Super Smash Bros. Melee
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Super Smash Bros. Melee boxart.
Genre: Fighting/Action
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: HAL Laboratories
Platform: Nintendo GameCube
Rating: T -for Mild Violence & Comic Michief
  1. of Players:
Release Date: JP 11/21/01
NA 12/03/01
AU 5/24/02
EU 5/31/02


[edit] Background

Super Smash Bros. Melee is the second Smash Game that Nintendo has released to the market. It has eliminated some features that the first Super Smash Bros. game offered, but it has added a lot of new features too, like new characters and a new game mode. It is among the best selling games for the Nintendo Gamecube console.

[edit] Game Modes

On Super Smash Bros. Melee, there are a few more game modes than in the original Super Smash Bros., however, they eliminated the Board The Platforms game mode.

[edit] Classic Mode

Classic Mode is the game mode in which you face some characters in battle. Unlike the original Super Smash Bros., the characters you face are now randomly selected. On the other game, you faced them in an specific order. Also, another improvement on this mode we can find is the fact that now the Team Battles are also randomly generated: Not only that, but they appear at different times. Before, they appeared on a specific order. The characters in team battles you faced were always the same ones and only your allies changed. Now, you have new opponents and allies.

[edit] Adventure Mode

This mode is new on Melee. The Concept of this mode is to follow an storyline that is only graphic based, no text-based. On this mode, you will find yourself in a side-scrolling mode, and while you advance, you will find challengers. Depending on how you do certain stuff on this mode, the challengers may change. For example, if you finish the first level with the seconds marker ending in 2, you will face Luigi instead of Mario on the next face. You can play this mode as many times as you want to see all the secrets it has to offer.

[edit] All-Star Mode

The all-star rest area.

The All-Star mode is another new mode introduced in Melee. Keep some things in mind: You have to unlock this mode, and to do that, you have to unlock all the playable characters in the game. In this mode, you face absolutely all the playable characters, so unlikely the other modes, there are no bosses to fight on this one, only the characters. Also, you are limited to use 3 Heart Containers to restore your health across the whole mode, they are your only healing items, so use them wisely.

[edit] Event Mode

The event mode is another new mode introduced in Melee, and no doubt it has had a lot of success. This Mode is based on 51 "events". On each event, you fight with different characters with specific rules. You start off with a few events, and you must unlock the rest by beating the first ones, and some of them require you to have specific characters or stages on the game itself. Note that you can also unlock certain things on the events. For more on Event Mode, check out the Event Match page.

[edit] Target Test Mode

This mode was originally introduced in the original Super Smash Bros.. The concept is very simple: You have to break all the targets with the characters. You can try to beat all your time records or simply beat it with all the characters. Unlike Brawl, in this and SSB N64 each character has a unique Target Test and it is unlocked simply by unlocking the corresponding character.

[edit] Training Mode

The training mode is yet another mode who was introduced in the past game. Here you can practice with your characters, by making your opponent stay steady, move jump, attack you, or have somebody else with a controller train with you. You can also set the speed of the characters, make appear items, and many other things. This method is not only good to practice, but it is also good to have some fun.

[edit] Melee

This is the mode to play in multi-player or with the computers, setting them the level you want and many other rules, like time limit or stock limit, the items you want to deactivate, and many other rules.

In Melee Mode, you can play on other modes as well.

[edit] Tournament Mode

This mode is like a normal Melee battle, except you can play with more people (up to 64 people, sharing controllers), and you can also set the rules you want to be valid. You don't get anything at the end of the tournament, but it is good to have fun with many other people.

[edit] Fixed Camera Mode

In this mode, the camera doesn't move around the stage like it normally does. Instead, it is "fixed" to stay on one place. This mode is fun if you do it with more people, but otherwise it can get annoying.

[edit] Giant Melee

The name says it all. In this mode, all the characters here are bigger than normal. Let me give you a quick tip to have more fun: Why don't you play this mode, setting all the items off except the Super Mushrooms? Your characters will be even bigger, and the stage will be smaller... Oh, you should really try to do that. As an aside, it is interesting to do this with 4 Marios. Have everyone grab a Super Mushroom and taunt.

[edit] Invisible Melee

Invisible Melee, you read that, and you ask yourself a question: What's this? It is nothing more and nothing less than a game mode in which all the characters will have the Cloaking Device item on all the time. if you play this mode with other people, it is fun, but otherwise it can be annoying to face the computer players while they are with this.

[edit] Lightning Melee

In this mode, the characters are faster than normal. This mode is really fun to play with either the computer or another players.

[edit] Single-Button

This mode is very interesting for those who are new to the Super Smash Bros. Games, but if you are a veteran, you may want to skip this method, as it can get really boring because you can only use the A Button, Z Button, and the Control Stick. Every other button is disabled. If you are used to jump with the X and Y Buttons, you will have to use the Control Stick on this one.

[edit] Slow-Mo Melee

The opposite to the Lightning Mode. The title should be self-explanatory.

[edit] Super Sudden Death

For those who liked to have Sudden Death on the N64 game, you can now play it whenever you want. For those who are new to the concept, Sudden Death happens when the players tie in a match which was common in Time mode, where a player only had to get the same number of kills as his opponents, but rare in Stock, where everyone had to lose at exactly the same time. This causes them to play another match, with only one life, and starting with 300% of damage. Before, you could only do this when having a tie in a match. Now, you can select it in he Special Melee menu, and set your own rules to it too. It should be noted that it is extremely easy to kill and/or be killed in this mode. One strong hit is all it takes.

[edit] Tiny Melee

The opposite to Giant Melee. While playing this you will be reduced to the smallest size possible while fighting. it will be harder to do damage, K.O enemies, and harder to recover. But it will be eaiser to jump.

[edit] Stamina Melee

In Stamina Mode, players have 150 HP instead of the normal "percentage" damage meter. This is played like normal Smash, except you can also die by running out of health (the falling-out-of-boundaries death still counts.) This is a fun mode that nobody really plays.

[edit] Items

[edit] Characters

There is a total of 26 characters in Melee. You start off with 15 and have to unlock 11.

[edit] Default Fighters

[edit] Unlockable Fighters

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