Super Mushroom

Super Mushroom
A picture of a Super Mushroom.
Type Size Enhancement Item
Series Appearances: Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. Melee
Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Appearance: Red, white, beige, mushroom
Size: Small
Strength: N/A

[edit] Background

see also: Super Mushroom

[edit] Item Effect

These mushrooms are straight out of their home land of the Mushroom Kingdom. They grant similar abilities to Smash characters the same way it would in Mario's games. The Super Mushroom makes your character grow until they're huge. When at this size, you are not as prone to being launched off the stage at lower percentages, taking an upwards of 100% or more for a large amount of knock back. While in this form, your character also deals more damage to their opponents with all your attacks. One problem with this happens to be the fact that you are a large target, and as such take plenty of hits to rack up more and more damage on your character. You must also be careful not to mistake them for a Poison Mushroom, which makes you shrink instead of grow.

[edit] Strategy

This makes you huge. The old addage "bigger is better" certainly applies here. With boosted attack strength, wider range, and heavier mass, the basic goal with this item is to attack. Attack like there's no tomorrow as the effects of this item don't last too long. Increased power means increased knock back so you can really abuse smash attacks or strong special moves in order to pile up damage on your opponents in bunches. However, you must be aware that it will take you a while to recover if you don't fully complete the motion of an air attack before you land. You must also realize that, while bigger and stronger, you are also much easier for others to hit with your increased height. When playing against a player who has become huge thanks to this item, be very, very cautious. You must realize that even heavier characters like Bowser and Snake are no match for a huge player one on one. Attack if you see a clear opening, but focus on staying as far away from the huge player as possible until the effects wear off. Any moderately strong attack from a huge opponent will deal good damage and, after about 60% damage on most characters, good knock back as well. Also, crouching down can also protect you from side to side attacks from a huge player as their range is somewhat limited the further you drop down.

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