[edit] Target Test


The Target Test mode is basically a stage that depends on the character you picked.Every stage is different and relies on every move or mostly every move of a character.

[edit] Home Run Contest


What you do in Home-Run Contest is basically swing a bat and hit a sandbag to send it flying. The distance the sandbag travels depends on how much damage you inflicted on it.The higher the damage the greater the knock back.The baseball bat has a little trick where you smash the control stick to the right/forward while pressing "A" at the same time.This will send the sandbag further than normal.

[edit] Multi-Man Melee


Multi-Man Melee takes place in the Battlefield stage.In this very place is where you fight the faceless wire frames.You only have one life so use it well., completing some of these tasks may unlock secret things such as a character or a stage;maybe even a trophy!Some of these tasks are:

  • 100 Man Melee
  • 15 Minute Melee
  • Cruel Melee

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