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Spear Pillar
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Spear Pillar in Super Smash Bros. Brawl
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The Spear Pillar Is at the peak of Mt. Coronet in the Pokémon region of Sinnoh. It is where the hero of the story confronts Cyrus and Dialga/Palkia. Several Legendary Pokémon make appearances, exercising a number of abilities that affect the stage in various ways.

[edit] Pokémon That Appear

[edit] Pokémon That Appear Moves

On this stage, when a Pokemon appears on the central background platform a variety of things can happen depending on the Pokemon that is present.

Dialga-It can shoot Beams of Blue light; you can tell when and where this will happen by seeing blue lines coming out of nowhere it is very strong can KO easily at high %s. It can also slow down everybody. Dialga also jumps out onto the stage. When he does, you have about a second to get away before the middle part of the top stage turns into a death zone when he sends out these purple/blue 'waves' around him. He will then go back into the background after that.

Palkia-Is pretty much the same as Dialga except it can turn the map upside down, tilt the map, as well as mixing up the controls by flipping the map sideways.

Cresselia-One thing that Cresselia does is throws a Moon Shape Crescent (like a boomerang) in a pattern that hits multiple times if hit by it. When she throws it, it can go horizontally or vertically. She can also send out Crescent 'Blades' multiple times in multiple directions.

Darkrai was only one major threat, and that's when he turns the screen black. Be careful though as the CPU's can still see you.

[edit] Music

  • Victory Road
  • Dialga/Palkia Battle at Spear Pillar
  • Wild Pokemon Battle(Diamond/Pearl)
  • Team Galactic Battle
  • Route 209

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