Shadow Moses Island

Shadow Moses Island
Shadow Moses Island.jpg
Shadow Moses Island, as seen in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Shadow Moses Island is set in the Metal Gear Solid World. It Consists of 2 Large towers flanking a 2 tiered platform system. You can destroy the 2 towers to allow for a side KO. An Interesting Part of this level is when the Background explodes behind you and you see 1 or 2 Metal Gears fighting. The two Metal Gear fighters you'll see every now and then or Metal Gear REX and Metal Gear RAY. This is also the Stage where snake can do his "Smash" Taunt.

[edit] Music

  • MGS4~Theme of Love~Smash Bros. Brawl Version
  • Encounter
  • Theme Of Tara
  • Battle In The Base
  • Yell "Dead Cell"
  • Cavern
  • Snake Eater(Instrumental)
  • Theme of Solid Snake
  • Calling To The Night

[edit] Competitive Play

This stage is banned from tournaments due to laser lock infinities, Ice lock infinities, down chain grab infinities from Falco and King Dedede, and Standard A infinities from Meta Knight can be used when the opponent is against the wall.

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