A boss in the Subspace Emissary


[edit] Background

Ridley is an important boss in the Metroid series. In most games, the last one.

[edit] Role in Subspace Emissary

Ridley appears as a Boss in the Subspace Emissary. Ridley comes out of no where and grabs Samus and drags her along the wall. Pikachu uses Thunder attack to hit Ridley to make it let go of Samus. That's when the fight happens.

[edit] Ridley's Attacks

  • It flies off screen, either to the left or right, then rushes for you at speed that you can dodge.
  • Ridley scrapes the point of his tail along the stage. At low percentages, Ridley goes half way the length of the stage. At high percentages, he goes the full length and back. Dodge it by jumping.
  • Ridley flies to either side of the stage and screeches and flaps his wings. The wind blows you back. It causes no damage.
  • Ridley flies up and jumps down. You dodge it by running to an area he didn't jump on.
  • Ridley flies off screen into the background. Then charges at you from the background. You can dodge it by air dodging.

[edit] Trophy Description

"The leader of the Space Pirates. He looks like a pterosaur but has high intelligence and a brutal nature. He plans to steal the baby Metroid from Samus for his own use. Ridley utilizes wings for a full range of flight and attacks with fireballs from his mouth and whips of his tail. As the culprit behind the murder of Samus's parents, the connections with Samus run deep. "

-Super Smash Bros Brawl Ridley's Trophey

[edit] Tips On Getting The Trophy

Unlike Meta Ridley, There Is No Time Limit. So You Can Stand Around And Wait For The Stand To Appear. Lets Start.

Firstly, Ridley is an easy Boss to beat, but getting there is another matter. On The Way (You Find Him In The Research Facility 2) there is a Number Of Killing traps, the Worst One Is The moving spiked blocks where you have to press the button to stop them, with no bottom, And You Battle 2 Samus's on the way there. When you do get there, you will be in a pinkish room with a block containing Heart Containers or Pumpkins; which restore health. There are no cut-scenes second Time round.

Ridley Is Week To Ice And Electric Attacks (So Pikachu And Ice Climbers is Good). Also, Cracker Launchers Are Really Powerful to.

More Coming Soon.

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