Puff Up

Puff Up
Puff up.jpg
Puff Up being used on the Temple stage. (Melee stage)

Puff Up is the Final Smash of Jigglypuff. Once it starts, Jigglypuff grows to gigantic proportions, taking up most of the stage. After pushing foes near the edge or off it, it rumbles (Jiiigllly!!) which results in high knockback to whoever is in contact at that time. Afterwards, Jigglypuff returns back to normal,Also if the opponents are touching you while beginning the process of shrinking they will be instantly KOed. The smaller the stage, the more effective this Final Smash is.

You can obtain a trophy of this Final Smash when completing all star mode with Jigglypuff.

[edit] Gigapuff Glitch

This very popular glitch is accessed at the Bridge of Eldin. Get the Smash Ball, and wait for the bridge to explode. As soon as you see Midna's Portal, jump into the hole and activate your Final Smash. The bridge will hit you, and you are free to battle as a gigantic Jigglypuff. Don't roll or do forward smashes, as it will result in self destructs,

Midna's Portal
Once you see the portal, jump in the middle!

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