Pit's Official Artwork
Character Information
Series Kid Icarus
Smash Bros. Debut Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Smash Bros. Information
Smash Bros. N/A
Melee N/A
Brawl Starter
3DS / Wii U Starter
Special Moves
Standard Move Palutena's Arrow
Side Move SSBB: Angel Ring
SSB 3DS/Wii U: Upperdash Arm
Up Move SSBB: Wings of Icarus
SSB 3DS/Wii U: Power of Flight
Down Move SSBB: Mirror Shield
SSB 3DS/Wii U: Guardian Orbitars
Final Smash SSBB: Palutena's Army
SSB 3DS/Wii U: Three Sacred Treasures


[edit] Background

In Kid Icarus, Pit began as a young angel trapped in the underworld. He had been tasked by Palutena, the imprisoned Goddess of Light, to defeat Medusa, the Goddess of Darkness. Already wielding the Three Sacred Treasures (the Pegasus Wings, Mirror Shield, and Light Arrows), Medusa commanded an army of terrible power which threatened Angel Land and Palutena's Palace in the Sky. Gifted with a magical bow, Pit set out to reclaim the Three Sacred Treasures and restore peace to Angel Land.

In Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters, Pit is charged with training for the defense of Angel Land against an invasion of demons led by the evil Orcos. His training also involves uniting the Three Sacred Treasures, but due to a dire emergency Palutena entrusted them to the fortress guardians. Thus, in order to prevent Orcos's campaign, Pit goes forth in pursuit of the Three Sacred Treasures once again.

[edit] Role in SSE

Pit is mainly there from the start of the game. It starts off with him watching the match with Mario and Kirby before the Halberd appears and he takes action to meet up with Mario. Then for the rest of Subspace he will help you out in various battles.

[edit] Multiplayer

[edit] Pros

  • Ranged Special attacks(arrows)
  • Godlike recovery
  • Quick
  • Spammable arrows and Angel's Ring
  • Can reflect projectiles
  • Can glide
  • Good air game

[edit] Cons

  • Can't kill w/o B-air
  • Fairly lightweight/KO'd easily
  • Recovery can be clipped
  • Down aerial can have an ending lag if used close to the ground
  • Down smash is slower than others and can be beaten

[edit] Moveset

[edit] Grounded

F-tilt - 12% damage

This move is amazingly slow. And I mean slow. Has the farthest range of any of Pit's. Unfortunately, it can be fairly easily punished, Could kill around 150% or so. Use this with caution.

U-tilt - Damage/hits 3%/6%/7% 3

Perfect for level with blocked upper areas (Luigi's Mansion). Unless they tech to the side, they would be juggled until they do so. Very useful move. Second best of the tilts in my opinion.

D-tilt - Damage: 11%

My favorite tilt. Its the quickest of all the tilts. Its the perfect setup for a B-air(aside from Dthrow). Also works well from stopping people from doing dash attacks. Best move in his entire arsenal to me.

[edit] Aerials

F-air - Damage: 13%

A quick strike to the front with both of his blades. Has a decent range on it. And a little KO ability(around 190% anyway). Its not exactly what I would use to strike at a Marth though. Fairly useful move for both people to be in the air.

U-air - Damage: 12% (6 hit with 2% each time)

Pit twirls his blades over his head juggling the enemy. Fairly useful. But, I wouldn't use it to try to counter someones D-air unless it has terribly short range.

D-air - Damage: 12%

Pit swings one of his blades under him from the direction he's facing to the other. I seriously loathe this move. Its the worst of his aerials or worst of all his moves period. I have found a way to use it though. Its useful against small characters. But more info on that later.

B-air - Damage: 15%

Pit brings one of his blades under his arm and brings it backwards stabbing the foe. This is his best KO move, but its the hardest move to land. He has plenty of setups for it. You have to have good timing in order to land this thing.

[edit] Smashes

F-smash - Damage: 2 hits 7%-12%

Pit pulls his arrow apart and swings it downward then upwards in front of him. I'm love with this smash. Its quick. Has a lot of priority, and kills around 150%(believe it or not, that's good for Pit). Don't get carried away with the move. If sidestepped, it could be punished.

Dsmash - Damage: 2 hits 13%-9%

Pit pulls his arrow apart and sweeps one of the blades across the ground, back then forward. Its the quickest move of all of his smashes if you're facing in the direction of the enemy. The forward hit does 13% while the back hit does 9%. The forward hit normally sends them flying backwards at high damages while the back hit normally brings them upwards a bit. KO's as well as his Ftilt, but a whole lot quicker. If the front hit misses, you will be punished.

Usmash - Damage: 3 hits 3%/2%/10%

Pit pulls his arrow apart(sorry for the repetitiveness >.>) and swings his blades over his head three times. Possibly the worst of his smashes. Doesn't kill till 190%. And from what I know, its not able to be performed with a Hyphen Smash.

[edit] Grabs

F-throw - Damage: 10%

This is my favorite to use below 30 damage. If the character is fairly middle weight/heavy weight, you may be able to Chain grab them. It also does the most damage of Pit's grab. It sends them forward a tad distance at low damage enabling another grab. Also, if the opponent is at 0 damage before the grab, try the AAA combo, should be unavoidable.(tested and proven offline. Online is a different story)

B-throw - Damage: 8%

The second least favorite of his grabs. He turns and throws the opponent against the ground backwards sending them too far for anything other than an arrow shot(that is most likely to miss). Nothing much to say about this one.

D-throw - Damage: 2 hits 2%/4%

My second favorite grab of his. This is the best setup for a B-air at higher damages. It could also lead to tricking the opponent. After you D-throw, either go for an immediate U-air hoping the opponent wont air dodge. Or wait a little after using the D-throw and use the D-air for an auto-hit when they airdodge. Too many setups and great for damage building.

U-throw - Damage: 2 hits 4%/7%

This is like, the worse thing ever made(no kidding) It kicks the opponent up too high for it to be a setup, doesn't allow for for immediate chasing, and DOESN'T KILL TILL +200%. Nothing more to say here either.

[edit] Techniques

  • Angelic Step, The
  • Arrow Looping
  • Arrow Swarming
  • Glide Canceling
  • Glide Shifting
  • Gliding
  • Infinite Jump (Wing Refresh + Wing Renewal)
  • Super Armor
  • Wing Canceling
  • Wing Renewal
  • Wing Shoving

[edit] Strategies

Camper - He's apparently the best camper in the game. Just spam the hell out of arrows until your opponent comes running mad jumping over your arrows. Then you punish aerials with grabs and continue shooting. Although you have to keep in mind, Pit's arrows can't kill and the game does have repetitive depreciation. You can't spam them to death. You'll have to develop some sort of style to fight with. Preferably using N-air to get them away from you continue from there. You'll still need to learn to time a B-air or when to use a F-smash.

Rushdowner - What? Pit can rush down? Believe it or not, yes. You'll have to get used to not using your arrows much for this style to work though. Your main purpose and goal is to apply pressure. Make the opponent scared to attack or move for that matter. N-air works well with this style. Stay at close quarters to the opponent. Use N-air when close enough moving towards them to avoid grabs. Dtilts when they are in front of you or trying to run towards you. If they sidestep, use the AAA combo. SHUTDOWN everything they try.

[edit] Match-ups

[edit] Bad Match-ups

Snake 80/20 - This is possibly the hardest of all your opponents you'll ever face. Most of his moves have priority over yours. Especially his deadly F-tilt. B-air doesn't kill him until around 180%. The best thing you can do here is spam arrows to keep him from Hyphen smashing. When he gets close, make sure not to try an attack when he's facing you. It will always beat you to the punch. No matter what. And try your best to kill him on recovery. That's probably the hardest thing for Pit to do given his goes up so high.

Metaknight 80/20 - Pit's number one weakness is his weakness to hit small characters. MK happens to be one of those small characters. Meaning, you can't use your N-air on him much. So, you build damage from afar. Once they step more than half distance across the stage, that's when you stop shooting arrows. They like to do the Mach Tornado at this point. Counter it with retreating N-air to stop it. You'll have to fight this battle mostly on the ground also. So, walk on this opponent and wait for the perfect chance to do your AAA combo for damage build up. Don't attempt a B-air while MK is on the ground, UNLESS, you do so on his backside. His Dsmash wouldn't hit that fast. But, if you wish to go for a kill, try your Fsmash when he has his back turned. Otherwise, just do the normal drill.

Lucas 70/30 - See the trend of little characters vs Pit. They are terribly hard to approach. This one is somewhat the same as MK, just with a whole lot more KO potential. His club, is what you have to watch out for. And his N-air into AAA combo rivals that of Pit's N-air to Usmash combo. BUT, Pit can't use it in this fight! So, you approach by walking once again. Don't smash on this enemy unless you're sure you will hit. If you can, fly under the stage for recovery. Lucas like to Dsmash of Usmash for edgeguarding and the WoI wouldn't stand a chance against it. This opponent can also be killed with the F-smash.

Olimar 70/30 - Ah, this range having bastard. Turn this into a camp battle if you can. Olimar's Pikmin will be bounced back. His Angel Ring also comes in handy to reflect the little things. But, its his damn size and KO ability that kills Pit. Once again, approach by walking towards him. Olimars love to smash in the direction you are in given his godlike zoning ability. So, you must be ready to guard at any given moment(DON'T SIDESTEP). Punish his foolish smashing with Dsmash instead of F-smash. And F-smash for the kill. Also, DESTROY HIM ON HIS RECOVERY!

Mr. Game & Watch 70/30 - He has that damn bucket, KO potential, and sorta hard to approach with the N-air w/o being Dsmash after being blocked >.>(He's sorta small is why) You can actually approach with the N-air and pull off the N-air to U-smash mix up here. He's easily B-aired if you avoid a smash coming in. BUT HOLD OFF ON THE ARROWS. You wont like the end results of three captured ones.

Marth 60/40 - That damn TIP of his makes this match somewhat hard. Not to mention, his reach is far greater than yours. So, here's what you do. Marth's usually love to F-air, ALOT. There's nothing much you can do in the air on this opponent. So, you use your ground game. When he attempts his usual F-air > F-air, wait for him to get within grab distance and do the normal mix up if he's at low enough damage. If he's not, just do D-throw to get him into the air and assault him while he's in free fall. Arrows work well here also. The Fthrow > AAA combo works at 0% damage also. So that's an extra 30%. You have to be very cautious with your smashes here though and when you attempt to B-air. His Tip would normally kill you at 60 at best.

[edit] Even Match-ups

Ice Climbers 50/50 - Ah. This CG's using twerps. You challenge them to a game of spacing. If one of them is grab hungry(they attempt to run and grab you), just spam smashes here. I can guarantee you they will run smack into it. Sidestepping them works well also. YOU CANNOT USE YOUR AIR GAME ON THESE TWO. You'll be grabbed and end up with 70% damage you didn't need to have. Use your ground game and spacing skills. AAA combo works well if the opponent likes to sidestep. Which they normally do. Use your arrows only when they are far away. AND ASSAULT NANA AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! Solo Po can't do much and it really helps to kill her when they try to recover.

Fox 50/50 - The thing to worry about here, is that quick ass U-smash. It kills you at 90 >.> Nothing really technical in this fight other than ALL of your mix ups work on him. And you can guard to death also. He can't kill off grabs which really helps. Try not to spam arrows.

Falco 50/50 - Same as above other than he has the CG's up to 50%. DI in the opposite direction and jump to escape it early. Just fight him the same as you'll fight Fox. This match is easier though considering his KO move is horridly slow.

Wolf 50/50 - Same as Fox/Falco but with Hyphen smashes to worry about.

Diddy Kong 50/50 - He can do a Running A, WITHOUT GETTING PUNISHED! Anyway, use your arrows a lot in this fight. He'll spam the banana's also. Those banana's could be a very big problem. But, you could use them to your advantage. Use the running D-air over the banana to pick them up quickly and easily. Smash if he trips over it for easy damage. You air game is better than his also. So use U-throw or D-throw to get him there. His strength could be his downfall in this fight.

[edit] Game Appearances

It's also worth noting that Pit was originally going to be in the original Super Smash Bros., but didn't end up making it, due to time constraints and animation problems with his wings

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