Party Ball

Party Ball
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Party Ball
Type Item Dispenser

[edit] Item Effect

The Party Ball distributes items when it is cracked open. It can be opened when it hits something or it can be actually hit to be opened. When it is open any item can fall out of it. Sometimes, the Party Ball distributes multiple items of the same type. For example, it can drop nothing but Bob-ombs. The Party Ball acts in the same way as Barrels and Crates except it floats up in the air to dispense the items.

[edit] Strategy

Much like the Crate and Barrel items, the Party Ball is very heavy and will significantly slow down anyone who carries it besides Donkey Kong. The basic strategy with this item is to treat it like a Crate or Barrel until it releases the items it possesses. Once it releases the items it has, you can react accordingly. Often times, it will have either all explosives, such as Bob-ombs and Smart Bombs, or all healing items such as Maximum Tomatoes and Food. It is also fairly common for a Party Ball to contain a Smash Ball as well. However, keep in mind that some Party Balls are simply explosives and can do severe damage. Treat with caution, but once the Party Ball releases the items it holds, have a party with them!

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