Captain Olimar

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Captain Olimar
Olimar SSB4.png
Olimar's Official Artwork
Character Information
Series Pikmin
Smash Bros. Debut Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Smash Bros. Information
Smash Bros. N/A
Melee N/A
Brawl Starter
3DS / Wii U Starter
Special Moves
Standard Move Pikmin Pluck
Side Move Pikmin Throw
Up Move SSBB: Pikmin Chain
SSB 3DS/Wii U Winged Pikmin
Down Move Mario Tornado
Final Smash End of Day


[edit] Background

It's all just one whirlwind of colored carrots and pain. ~Vector

Olimar is from the Pikmin series. His ship crash lands on a strange planet and he has 30 days left to fix his ship and return home before his life support will fail. Along the way, he meets up with the plant-like Pikmin, whom Olimar names after his favorite food, Pik-Pik Carrots. They follow his commands to carry and interact with objects and defeat enemies. Olimar is actually quite small, being comparable to a dime.

[edit] Role in SSE

Captain Olimar is first seen being harassed by a Giant R.O.B. Captain Falcon would come to his rescue by taking down the Giant R.O.B with a Falcon Punch as well as taking a few Pikmin out with him. The two would escape the smaller R.O.B.'s but would be cornered at a cliff and would have to jump onto a transport that contained the trophy holding Donkey Kong. Olimar and Captain Falcon revive and and join up with Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong. From there they would get inside the base and meet up with Samus and Pikachu. When they enter the main room they see Ancient Minister and a room full of Subspace Bombs. Ganondorf would get the R.O.B.s to activated all the bombs and the Ancient Minister would try and prevent this but gets attacked by the other R.O.B.'s and is revealed as a The original R.O.B. himself. They would escape because of him but would have to fight Meta Ridley on the way out of the base before first. They meet up with the rest of the heroes from there.

[edit] Multiplayer

[edit] Pros

  • Large grab range with low lag time
  • Attacks that use Pikmin have strong, long-ranged, disjointed hitboxes
  • Small Target
  • Quick attacks
  • Pikmin Order has Super Armor frames
  • Racks up damage easily
  • Pikmin Pluck is fast and can pluck a full group of Pikmin very quickly
  • Has a powerful camping game
  • Great at mindgames
  • Great combos and combo grabs

[edit] Cons

  • Tether recovery is easy to gimp
  • Has difficulty removing edge-hoggers
  • Tether length is determined by amount of available Pikmin
  • Only six different moves that can be used without Pikmin
  • Lightweight, easy to K.O.
  • Attack efficiency varies depending on Pikmin used
  • White Pikmin offer low knockback when used for attacks
  • Purple Pikmin have shorter range than others
  • Pikmin have bad priority
  • Pikmin sometimes scatters involuntarily or when hit

[edit] Moveset

[edit] General Attacks

  • Jab1: (3/5%) Olimar throws his head forward, hitting with either his helmet or antennae. It's a fairly quick attack.
  • Jab2: (5%) Olimar brings his head back up, hitting with the back of his head. If the antennae was the only part of Jab1 that hit, Jab2 will not connect. A fairly quick attack that can get opponents off of him quickly.
  • Dash Attack: (4~11%) Olimar does a cartwheel, sending the opponent upwards at an 80 degree angle. This attack, like all of his Non-Pikmin attacks, is easily shield grabbed.
  • Ledge Attack [under 100%]: (8%) Olimar flips over the ledge, slamming his head into the ground. This move sports an unusually large hitbox as this is the only move where the antennae gives as much knockback as his helmet.
  • Ledge Attack [over 100%]: (10%) Olimar crawls onto the ledge and kicks out with his foot, causing much more knockback and damage than his other ledge attack though it is slower.
  • Rising Attack: (6) Olimar quickly gets on his feet and throws his arm to the left and then the right. Quick, but it doesn't push shielded opponents away enough to prevent getting shield grabbed. The invincibility frames are a nice surprise to over-eager foes, but this move gets predictable fast.

[edit] Tilts

All tilts can be performed without Pikmin

  • Ftilt: (6%) Olimar does a little bunny hop forward, going completely horizontal to kick his opponents. The move's hitbox is slightly longer than Olimar's feet.
  • Dtilt: (6+2%) Olimar does the Worm, inching forward from his crouch. This attack actually has two hits, the first one knocking the opposing character up while the other merely taps them. The hitbox for hit 1 is Olimar while the one for hit 2 is his antennae. This attack can be chained against heavier opponents at lower percentages.
  • Utilt: (4~11%) Olimar jumps into the air and spins fives times, an attack that is more deceiving than one might think as it has decent knockback and tons of priority.

[edit] Smashes

All of Olimar's smashes require Pikmin. Damage rated as uncharged/charged.

  • Fsmash: (R=12~15/16~21% |Y=9~13/12~18% |B=11~15/15~21% |P=13~18/18~25% | W=6~9/8~12%) Olimar points either in front of him or behind him, sending a Pikmin flying in that direction. The closer the opponent is to Olimar, the more damage your opponent receives.
  • Usmash: (R= 15/21% |Y=14/19% |B=15/21% |P=16/22% |W=9/12% ) Olimar looks up and points, sending a Pikmin jumping straight into the air. One of Olimar's more reliable kill moves, though it will easily be cast away by high priority aerials. Purple Usmash is considered the fourth strongest Usmash in the game.
  • Dsmash: (anywhere from 4[White uncharged] to 25% [Purple charged]) Olimar points in either direction, sending two Pikmin to either side of him. A great way to punish rollers and this is the only move where Purple Pikmin, asides from Aerials, move the same distance as any other Pikmin.

[edit] Aerials

All of Olimar's aerials, besides from Nair, requires Pikmin to use.

  • Nair: (4~11%) Olimar does his Utilt, only in the air. This is the most reliable move for Olimar to use in terms of priority.
  • Fair: (R=15% |Y=12% |B=13% |P=14% |W=5% ) Olimar grabs the next Pikmin in line and slaps the air in front of him with it. Decent knockback depending on which type of Pikmin used.
  • Bair: (R=13% |Y=12% |B=10% |P=13% |W=5% ) Doing the same as his Fair, Olimar takes the next Pikmin in line and slaps it behind him.
  • Uair: (R=24% |Y=16% |B=22% |P=22% |W=9% ) Olimar takes the next Pikmin in line and throws it upwards, letting it do two flips before returning to his line.
  • Dair: (R=16% |Y=12% |B=14% |P=14% |W=8% ) Olimar slaps a Pikmin below him. This move, when used falling, will speed up your momentum. It is also a powerful Meteor Smash. Though a good move, it has the largest ending lag Olimar has if landed with it.

[edit] Specials

Not all of Olimar's Specials utilize Pikmin, though the ones that do are crucial to his gameplay.

  • Pikmin Pluck: (N/A) Olimar plucks Pikmin from the ground; he can pull out a full six in a little over a second. If Olimar is close to the ledge, it is possible to weed out Purples and Whites as they don't seem to be pulled out of the ground as hard as Reds, Yellows and Blues.
  • Pikmin Throw: (RYB=2% for 8 hits |P=6% [Projectile]|W=6% for 8 hits) Olimar's awesome projectile. It's wise to throw at least one Pikmin throw at the opponent whenever you're not doing anything else. Not only does it act as a mind game, but the animation looks a lot like Fsmash so your opponent is likely to be confused. The only oddball in the group is the Purple Pikmin, who does a steady 6% damage as a high-priority projectile. This move should be spammed and followed up with a grab for maximum damage
  • Pikmin Order: (N/A) Olimar blows on his Whistle, ordering all Pikmin back to him. The order of priority is Red, Yellow, Blue, White and Purple. Note that only Pikmin who have touched the ground will be able to return to Olimar, while Pikmin who have been thrown or Fsmashed off of the ledge are doomed to die. Also note that the initial frames of Pikmin Order have Super Armor frames from the point that Olimar throws his head back to when he throws it forward again.
  • Pikmin Chain: (R=7% |Y=7% |B=6% |P=8% |W=6% ) Olimar's tether recovery after his second jump. The length of the chain depends on how many Pikmin Olimar has lined up behind him. With a tipper, it has been known to stage spike edgehogging opponents, but still make you fall to your doom afterwards. An interesting phenomena happens when Olimar is out of Pikmin when he uses Pikmin Chain to grab the ledge, though; with no Pikmin in hand, Olimar can reach out for the ledge and grab onto it like a magnet from roughly one and a half/two Pikmin away. If this move is used above the ground, Olimar will go into Free Fall and won't be able to move until he hits the ground. This is Olimar's highest priority move; although they can still hit Olimar and cancel the move, Pikmin Chain can go through anything, anytime. This includes solid walls such as the tree on Fire Pokemon Stadium.

[edit] Throws

All of Olimar's throws, even the process of grabbing, requires Pikmin to use.

  • Grab Attack: (R=2% |Y=2% |B=2% |P=2% |W=4% ) Olimar and his Pikmin both headbutt the opponent repeatedly.
  • Fthrow: (R=6% |Y=7% |B=13% |P=7% |W=6% ) A Pikmin flip in the air, pushing the opponent away. This is a kill move with Blue Pikmin.
  • Dthrow: (R=9% |Y=8% |B=12% |P=8% |W=6% ) A Pikmin sets the opponent onto the ground and jumps, coming back down to slam down on their stomach. This throw can chaingrab certain characters, as seen below, and is a good setup for Fsmash/Fair/Uair.
  • Bthrow: (R=7% |Y=9% |B=14% |P=9% |W=7% ) A Pikmin throws the opponent onto the ground behind Olimar. This is a reliable kill move when used with Blue Pikmin.
  • Uthrow: (R=9% |Y=11% |B=12% |P=11% |W=6% ) A Pikmin raises the opponent high into the air before flipping over, piledriving the opponent's head into the ground. This throw can also chaingrab some characters This is a reliable kill move when used with Purple Pikmin.

[edit] Strategies

[edit] Pikmin Types


  • Immune to fire attacks
  • Durable for one or two attacks
  • Provides the strongest aerials
  • Is first in line with Pikmin Order

Most effective moves: Fair, Dair, Bair, Uair, Pikmin Chain


  • Is immune to electric attacks
  • Same durability of Red Pikmin
  • Has the largest/longest lasting hitboxes
  • Has the second best priority of all Pikmin
  • Travels in an arch when thrown by Pikmin Throw
  • Comes second in line with Pikmin Order

Most effective moves: Usmash, Uair, Dair, Pikmin Throw


  • Is immune to water attacks (can absorb Water Gun and FLUUD)
  • Only slightly less durable than Purple Pikmin
  • Provides the strongest throws (with the exception of Uthrow)
  • Has third priority with Pikmin Order

Most effective moves: Fthrow, Bthrow, Dthrow, Uthrow


  • Has the most durability of any Pikmin
  • Has the strongest smashes
  • Can kill off the top easiest due to its vertical knockback
  • Has the most priority of any Pikmin
  • Travels the least distance of all Pikmin
  • Can't latch on with Pikmin Throw, instead becoming a high-priority projectile
  • Are always at the end of the line with Pikmin Order

Most effective moves: Usmash, Uthrow, Fsmash, Dsmash, Pikmin Throw


  • Are poisonous
  • Has the least durability of all Pikmin
  • Inflicts more damage when latched with Pikmin Throw and during the Grab Attack
  • Travels fastest and farthest with Pikmin Throw
  • Are fourth in line with Pikmin Order

Most effective moves: Grab Attack, Pikmin Chain, Pikmin Throw

[edit] Chaingrabs

Note: All of these can be done with Pikmin OTHER than Purple. All of these percentages were tested with White Pikmin and without proper DI


  • Captain Falcon (approximately 36%)
  • Fox (approximately 30%)
  • Sheik (approximately 30%)
  • Wolf (approximately 30%)


  • Captain Falcon (approximately 36%)
  • Falco (approximately 30%)
  • Fox (approximately 30%)
  • Sheik (approximately 30%)
  • Snake (approximately 36%)
  • Wolf (approximately 36%)

[edit] Trivia

  • Olimar's name is derived from "Mario" with an L added in
  • Purple Pikmin, on occasion, do not produce ghosts
  • One of Olimar's alternative costumes (Yellow suit with Blue gloves) is a skin of his co-worker, Louie, from Pikmin 2
  • A glitch on Green Greens allow Thrown Pikmin to spin in place against the star blocks, causing massive damage when touched. This glitch can cause your Wii disc to become unreadable and can only be done with Red, White and Blue Pikmin
  • To use Olimar without Pikmin is a form of playing called Nolimar

[edit] Game Appearances

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