Ness's Official Artwork
Character Information
Series Mother
Smash Bros. Debut Super Smash Bros.
Brawl Tier Not Tiered
Smash Bros. Information
Smash Bros. Starter
Melee Starter
Brawl Starter
3DS / Wii U Starter
Special Moves
Standard Move SSB: PK Fire
SSBM/B: PK Flash
Side Move PK Fire
Up Move PK Thunder
Down Move PSI Magnet
Final Smash PK Starstorm


[edit] Background

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Ness is a young boy who lives in Onett. Ness has also mastered PSI Powers which he uses to attack and defend himself. When Giygas appears he starts to go out on his journey to uncover The 8 Melodies. He is accompanied by his friends Paula, Jeff, Poo, and Mr.Saturn

[edit] Super Smash Bros.

“Ness was a seemingly average kid on Onett, but in truth, he was destined for much more. When a strange meteorite landed near his hometown, the little boy with psychic powers set out to save the world. Little has been said of Ness’s character, and much remains hidden. Ness’s main strength is the power of his psychic attacks. His weakness is that his melee attacks lack power, making his close range game not nearly as good as long range.”

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Melee

Ness was once just an ordinary boy from Onett, but is nowadays known for his psychic abilities and prowess with a yo-yo. Sporting his trademark backpack and sports cap, Ness appears in Melee as a decidedly difficult character to use. With one of the more unique and diverse special movesets in the game, Ness can be tough to pick up for beginners, but can still surprise opponents who underestimate his power.

[edit] Super Smash Bros. 3DS/WII U

Ness returns as a unlockable character in Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U. He can be unlocked by clearing Classic mode for the first time or by fighting ten matches. His home stage is Magicant. Ness' move set remains largely unchanged from his Brawl move set, except that his final smash can now be aimed.

[edit] Role in SSE

Ness is first seen in the Ruined Zoo after saving Lucas from the King P. Statue. He would beat Porky Minch in a battle and fall victim to Wario's trophy gun after saving Lucas. His trophy would then be taken from King Dedede were he would put a brooch on him to revive him later and revive King Dedede himself to fight Tabuu.

[edit] Multiplayer

Ness is a fairly good player if used right. Although Ness was possibly the best character in the original Super Smash Bros.

[edit] Pros

  • Pretty Fast
  • Trapping Pk Fire move
  • Solid hitting Pk Missile
  • Powerful throws
  • Many projectile attacks
  • One of the best forward aerials in the game
  • Has great mind games
  • Great Jumping power

[edit] Cons

  • Medium weight
  • Hard to get used too
  • Doesn't have many good matchups
  • PK Flash is pretty much useless
  • PSI Magnet only absorbs laser type moves
  • Bad Recovery move

[edit] Strategies

  • If you are fighting a character with energy attacks, absorb them with PSI Magnet to heal yourself.
  • Pk Fire and Down grab repeatedly
  • Dash attack and Back aerial when the opponent gets in the air
  • Back aerial and up aerial repeatedly, causes no lag between the moves
  • Spam Forward Aerial as much as you can

[edit] Game Appearances

  • Earthbound (SNES)

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