Mute City

Mute City
Mute City.jpg
Players fight on the floating platform.
Stage Origin F-Zero
Series debut Super Smash Bros. Melee
Hazards Four- the cars, moving platform, the track, no ledges

Mute City is one of the two F-Zero tracks from Melee (the other one being Big Blue). You start off on a moving platform that races through the Mute City F-Zero race track. Occasionally it will stop and allow players to fight on the track. There is at least one fall-through platform while on the track. However, the F-Zero cars driving around will be happy to deal you a lot of damage. Jump on a platform to avoid them (or use multiple jumps). Eventually the original platform will reappear, and players who don't get on in time receive damage (or even fall of the stage).

When the platform picks up and moves above the stage, it can be easy to fall off, so stay on your toes. Only at the start/finish line are you completely vulnerable to cars-there is no platform.

--In Brawl--

Mute City did not appear in Brawl, but a similar stage, Port Town Aero Dive, replaced it. In this track, the cars were much more powerful and could hit players fighting on the platforms. At one part there is even an instant KO wall!

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