Midgar in the Wii U version
Universe Final Fantasy
Home Stage Cloud
Availability Downloadable

Midgar is a stage available in Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U, originating from the game Final Fantasy VII. The stage can be downloaded, coming bundled with the character Cloud at a price of $5.99 for one game, or $6.99 for both.


[edit] Design

The stage has a similar structure to Battlefield, in that it consists of the main platform with three smaller platforms above. The city itself provides as a backdrop for the stage, with Shinra's headquarters and the Mako Reactor being the most prominent structures.

[edit] Summon Materia

During matches, a small red orb known as a Summon Materia may appear on the stage. Players who make contact with one will glow red and be able to call forth a Summon Creature, acting as stage hazards. These Summon Creatures will unleash a powerful attack, and will gain KOs for the player who summoned them should an opponent be knocked out. There are five different Summon Creatures as follows:

  • Ifrit will use the move Hellfire to throw the stage off balance with a pillar of fire. Opponents who make contact with the fire will receive damage and can be launched.
  • Ramuh attacks with Judgement Bolt to electrify the three small platforms, causing damage and knockback to opponents who make contact. The platforms will move around the stage.
  • Odin will use his sword Zantetsuken to slice the stage in half, instantly KOing opponents who make contact. The stage will remain in this state for a short time before coming back together. Opponents caught between both parts of the stage during this time will be instantly KOed.
  • Leviathan uses the move Tidal Wave to sweep the stage in a flood, carrying it on a strong current of water. The player who summons Leviathan will receive KOs from opponents who are swept away by the water.
  • Bahamut ZERO uses the move Tera Flare to attack a random part of the stage with a massive laser. Opponents who make contact with this laser will be dealt large amounts of damage and knockback.

[edit] Origin

Midgar is the capital city and base of the Shinra Electric Power Company in the game Final Fantasy VII and its spin offs. It was the most technologically advanced location ever created on the planet Gaia and remains under constant construction throughout the Final Fantasy VII games. The city itself is located above a large circular structure, which is supported by eight reactors and a large central pillar. It is divided into eight different sectors, while a large slum is located on the ground beneath the city. The different sectors in the city were previously all individual towns, however their names were forgotten as Midgar came into existence, and people instead preferred to refer to them as sectors.

[edit] Stage Music

[edit] 3DS

  • Let the Battles Begin!
  • Fight On!

[edit] Wii U

  • Let the Battles Begin!
  • Fight On!

[edit] Gallery

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