Master the Pokémon Tag Battle

Co-Op Event Match 2: Master the Pokémon Tag Battle
Co-Op Event Match.
Character Used Pokemon Trainer(3 Stocks)
Pikachu(2P)(1 Stock)
Opponent Pokemon Trainer(3 Stocks)
Pikachu(1 Stock)
Stage Pokemon Stadium 2
Availability Starter

Game Description: The Pokémon tournament's final challenge. Your rivals have the same Pokémon!

Master the Pokemon Tag Battle is the second co-op event match in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The player will take control of Pokemon Trainer and the second player takes control of Pikachu. They will need to defeat a similar team of computers. If one of the Pokemon Trainer's Pokemon is KO'd, they can't be used again. The players will need to defeat this team to win the event.

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