Master Hand

Master hand
Master hand's official art.
Series Super Smash Bros.
Boss Encountered in boss battles and at end of classic mode

[edit] Background

Master Hand has appeared in all three Smash Bros Game as the boss at the end of Classic mode. He uses a wide variety of moves such as laser beams, slaps, pounds, and bombs.

[edit] Role In SSE

Master Hand was playing the role of Bowser, Ganondorf and Wario's boss. Ganondorf was planning on overtaking Master Hand after defeating Bowser, but realized that Master Hand was being controlled by Tabuu. Ganondorf attempted to attack Tabuu, but was knocked back easily, being turned into a trophy and colliding with Master Hand. Master Hand was freed by Ganondorf's collision, however he was weakened a bit indicated by the bloody marks left on him. He attempted to attack Tabuu as well, but was knocked back as well and knocked out for the rest of the adventure.

[edit] Attacks

You encounter him at the end of classic and during boss battles. All of his attacks are some kind of hand smacking motion. His attacks are as followed:

  • He balls up his hand in a fist then follows you and stops and smashes his fist against the ground
  • He does the same move he does with his fist except with his palm
  • He puts his had in a gun shape and fires blast at you and the more damage he has the more shots he fires
  • He flies into the backround and comes from the z-axis at you with his hand balled up in a fist
  • He starts firing lasers from all five of his fingers
  • He flies of into the backround and comes at you from the z-axis with the points of his finger then he flies at you horizontally and lays back on the ground
  • He chases you with his hand open and tries to grab at you.
  • He flies off then comes back with his fingers together in a drill motion
  • He puts out his index finger and flicks across the stage
  • He follows you with his index finger out then tries to flick you
  • He slaps across the stage
  • He gets on two fingers and starts walking across the stage and if you are in his way he flicks you

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