Marth's Official Artwork
Character Information
Series Fire Emblem
Smash Bros. Debut Super Smash Bros. Melee
Smash Bros. Information
Smash Bros. N/A
Melee Starter
Brawl Starter
3DS / Wii U Starter
Special Moves
Standard Move Shield Breaker
Side Move Dancing Blade
Up Move Dolphin Slash
Down Move Counter
Final Smash Critical Hit


[edit] Background

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Marth, as he appears in the Fire Emblem series, is the prince of Altea from the continent of Akaenia, who appears in the first, third, and eleventh Fire Emblem games. He was banished from his homeland after a coup d'etat, and sought refuge on the island of Talis, where his close friend, Princess Sheeda resided. After the resurrection of the Dark Dragon, Medeus by the Dark Priest Garnef, the betrayed prince takes up arms to defend his country, eventually defeating Medeus.

Years later, an ally from his fight with Medeus, King Hardain of Orleans attacks other nations on the continent seeking to conquer it. Prince Marth investigates the situation and discovers that the Dark Dragon Medeus is still alive, and the Dark Priest Garnef is controlling Hardain through the use of the Dark Orb. Determined to save Hardain, Marth searches the continent for the Light Orb, which counteracts the effects of the Dark Orb. Eventually, he manages to free Hardain from Garnef's control, however, could not do so without taking Hardain's life. Marth presses on to defeat Garnef once again, and kill Medeus for good.

The tiara he wears is a memento of his sister, who risked her to save him.

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Melee

Marth, the most famous swordsman from Fire Emblem, makes a very graceful and effective fighter in Melee. His swords attacks lag less than Link’s in a trade off for some slight power, but overall the speed benefits him more anyway, particularly if he can consistently hit with the sweet spot of his sword. With aerial prowess and agility to boot, the only thing Marth lacks is projectiles. This is rarely a disadvantage, however, as his fast and effective sword attacks word likely remain his best option anyway.

[edit] Role in SSE

Marth First appears defending a castle. An army of Primids are outside trying to get in. He fights his way outside and meets up with Meta Knight. Together they defeat them all. They notice the subspace minister with a bomb heading towards the castle. They both fail to reach him. Fortunately, Ike manages to get to the bomb, and disarm it using Aether.

[edit] Multiplayer

[edit] Pros

  • Quick running speed
  • Quick attacks
  • "Tippers" deal large damage and knockback
  • Fastest counter in the game
  • Break shields with Shield Breaker
  • Can juggle well
  • Down aerial spikes when hit at the tip
  • Combos well
  • One of the best edge guarders in the game
  • Can perform two Fairs in a short-hop
  • Good horizontal and vertical recovery

[edit] Cons

  • No projectiles
  • Weak throws
  • Attacks are weaker without "Tippers"
  • Dolphin Slash is gimpable
  • Light
  • Down aerial has an ending lag

[edit] Strategies

[edit] Matchups

Ice Climbers

DO NOT LET THEM GRAB YOU! Prepare to lose a stock if they do. Just remember your spacing and you should have no problem with their grabs. Dolphin Slash them if they come too close. Jump over, roll or jab their ice blocks and start using your tilts and Fairs once you get to them. Try to separate them as best as you can. Once they are separated, quickly go for Nana. Once she's gone, the match becomes relatively easy, wail on Popo and gimp his weakened recovery. Your spacing will make or break this match. With good spacing, you won't have to worry about the Ice Climber's deadly chain grabs.

This is a 50/50 match-up, your odds are even.


This is a good match up for Marth. Ike has more power and more range, but you are much faster. Experienced Ike players will use their aerials to approach. You can easily mess them up with your tilts or Counter. Use your aerials and tilts up close to rack up some damage. Grab him if he tries to use Counter and punish his mistakes with Dancing Blade. Use Counter or edgehog during the invincibility frames to stop his Aether recovery and Air-dodge or use Counter to mess up his Quick-Draw recovery. You shouldn't have too much trouble when fighting Ike, just watch out for his Smashes and tilts.

This is a 60/40 match-up. You have the advantage.


Metaknight is TOUGH. Do not go after him. Instead, let him come to you. Force him to take action and punish. Your Dolphin Slash has a lot of priority and causes you to be invincible for the first few frames. Use it if you feel you are in an uncomfortable position. Use Dancing Blade to punish and use the shield breaker to mess up his spacing in the air. If he doesn't come to you, use SH Fair or Dtilt to pressure him. These moves are generally very safe, so you don't have to worry too much. If he gets you in the air, don't worry, you can can counter or air dodge his aerials. Be very careful when edge guarding, ledge drop then Bair him if he tries to recover there's no need to follow him off the stage. Also, watch out for his Shuttle Loop, as that thing can stage spike.

This is a 50/50 match-up, your odds are even.

[edit] Movesets

---Basic Moves---

Neutral A / A-A Combo - Marth does a sword swipe covering the front of his body, attack again to perform a second sword swipe. Standard hit does 4% and tipped hit does 6%. Use this move to parry projectiles and push your opponent back, don't use it too much because it is easy to punish.

Dash Attack - Marth dashes and slashes right in front of him, it sends the opponent flying horizontally. Standard hit does 10% and tipped hit does 13%. Do NOT approach with this move, your opponent can see this from a mile away. They will block it or spot dodge it and punish you like crazy.


Utilt (Up Tilt) - Marth slashes in an arc right above him, it sends the opponent upward. A standard hit does 9% and a tipped hit does 12%. Use this move to start a juggle, also this move has decent knockback so you can use it to KO at med-high percentages.

Ftilt (Forward Tilt) - Marth slashes in front of him that looks similar to his jab. His Ftilt has more range, power and knockback. Standard hit does 9% and tipped hits do 12%. This move is very useful, use this move to push you opponents back so you can have some breathing room and adjust your spacing. The knockback of this move is pretty good and it comes out very fast, you can also use it to KO.

Dtilt (Down Tilt) - Marth performs a stab out of his crouch. A standard hit does 9% a tipped hit does 10%. This is a very good move since another move can be used after it fairly quickly. It can easily lead up to another Dtilt, a Dancing Blade and an Ftilt. Use this move to poke your opponent and follow it up with a move of your choice.


Nair (Neutral Air) - Marth performs two quick slashes in the air, the first slash sets up for the second. It sends the opponent flying horizontally. A standard hit with the first hit does 3% and a tipped first hit does 6%. A standard hit with the second hit does 9% and a tipped second hit does 12%. Use the move when your opponent is airdodging, the second hit will still hit them. The first hit of the move can be used to start combos, to do only the first hit you'll have to SHFF it or perform a Nair right after a Fair or Uair during a short hop. The second hit has good horizontal knockback and can KO quite well.

Uair (Up Air) - Marth slashes in an arc above him, just like the Utilt, but in the air. A standard hit does 10% a tipped hit does 13%. This move can be used to juggle and can be used right after a Fair during short hop. It can KO well vertically.

Fair (Forward Air) - Marth slashes right in front of him, covering the front side of his entire body. A standard hit does 10% and a tipped hit does 13%. It has good horizontal knockback. This is Marth's main move, use it a lot but don't spam it. The Fair can be used to KO at high percentages, start combos and can be used to create a wall. You can SHFF this to make it very offensive, you can SH this if you want to be safe and you can perform two Fairs in one short hop, which is very useful.

Bair (Back Air) - Marth slashes behind him and turns around after the slash. A standard hit does 11% and a tipped hit does 14%. Use this move when you are hanging on the ledge and your opponent is trying to recover, hit him/her with a Bair and watch him fly horizontally to his doom. A tipped Bair has very good knockback, use it to kill in the air.

Dair (Down Air) - Marth slashes in an arc below him, the Dair can be used to spike. A standard hit does 12% and a tipped hit will spike and do 14%. This move is a spike and can kill well offstage when tipped. You can footstool jump on your opponent and land a tipped Dair quite easily. Do not use this move often and only use this move when you know you will land it. If you are going for a spike, turn your back towards your opponent and spike, the end of your Dair has a "bigger" tip so spiking will be much easier.


Usmash (Up Smash) - Marth stabs his sword straight into the air. This move has good vertical knockback. An uncharged hit with the sword does 17%, a fully charged hit with the sword does 23%. An uncharged hit near Marth's body does 18% , a fully charged hit near Marth's body does 25%. An uncharged hit on Marth's body does 21%, a fully charged hit on Marth's body does 29%. This move can be hyphen smashed and can KO well. Use this when your opponent is on a platform right above you or is falling towards you.If your opponent is on the ledge you can use this move for a semi-spike. Just space it properly so that the "suction" in the attack will work.

Fsmash (Forward Smash) - Marth slashes in an arc right in fron of him, covering his front side. A standard uncharged hit does 14% and a standard fully charged hit does 19%. A tipped uncharged hit does 19% and a tipped fully charged hit does 26%. This move has very good range and is fairly quick, it can KO very well when tipped. Use this move when you know you will hit, don't spam it or you will be punished. Hard.

Dsmash (Down Smash) - Marth performs two quick sword slashes along the ground. A standard uncharged first hit does 14% and a tipped uncharged first hit does 17%, a standard fully charged hit does 19% and a tipped fully charged hit does 23%. A standard uncharged second hit does 13% and a tipped uncharged hit does 16%, a standard fully charged second hit does 18% and a tipped fully charged hit does 22%. This is a great move, use this instead of the Fsmash when your opponent is at a higher percentage, it comes out faster than the Fsmash and has a "bigger" tip.

---Special Moves---

Shield Breaker (Neutral Special) - Marth thrusts his sword right in front of him. This move has very good range and can KO very well when tipped. An uncharged hit does 8%, a half charged hit does 13%, a fully charged standard hit does 18% and a tipped fully charged hit does 22%. The Shield Breaker has to be fully charged to be tipped. This move is very useful, it can be used for recovery, it can be used to break shields and is an extremely powerful killing move. If you break your opponent's shield with this, follow up with a fully charged tipped Shield Breaker or a fully charged tipped smash.

Dolphin Slash (Up Special) - Marth very quickly jumps in to the air while performing a sword slash. Near the start of the move does 13% and a hit near the end will do 6%. This move is used mainly for recovery, but can also be used for defense. You can perform this move out of your shield with the tap jump on. It should be noted that you are invincible during the first few frames of the attack, use this to interrupt your opponent's next move.

Dancing Blade (Forward Special) - Marth glows and performs 4 attacks. There are many variations of this move, you start off with a forward strike and follow it up with a downward strike, an upward strike or another forward strike, keep on doing this until you finish the move. The downward finish is the best way to end the Dancing Blade if you want to do some damage, the upward finish is great at low percentages to set up for a combo and is great for KOing vertically at high percentages and the forward finish is mostly used to give you some space and reset your spacing, the forward finish can KO horizontally at high percentages.The third downward hit is a weak meteor smash when not tipped(opponent must be right in Marth's body where the attack still hits)

Counter (Down Special) - Marth assumes a defensive stance and after being hit, he retaliates with a sword slash. The power of this move will vary, depending on what attack hit Marth.The damage that will be dealt to your opponent is 1.1 x the damage that would have been dealt to you. Don't use this move too much, your opponent will get wise and punish you. Use this against a powerful killing move.


Grab Pummeling - After grabbing your opponent, press the attack button to start pummeling him/her. Marth will knee the unlucky victim doing 2% damage for every hit. Grab pummeling will also regenerate your moves from move decay, always pummel your opponent before throwing. It should be noted that grab pummeling can be used on Ness or Lucas for an infinite chain grab.

Uthrow (Up Throw) - Marth tosses the opponent into the air doing 4%. This move isn't too useful IMO but can be used the start a few combos, you can Utilt your opponent while he's in the air.

Fthrow (Forward Throw) - Marth throws his opponent in front of him, doing 4% damage. This move is very useful, use this to re-adjust your spacing, start an Fthrow chain grab and this can be used to auto tip an Fsmash at 0-5%. The Fthrow is a very good combo starter.

Bthrow (Back Throw) - Marth throws the opponent back and trips him/her with his foot doing 4% damage. I do not use this move often, the down throw is usually the better choice.

Dthrow (Down Throw) - Marth throws the opponent on the ground, causing them to bounce backwards. The Dthrow does 5%. Use this more than the Bthrow, it's faster and does more damage. Use this move to re-adjust your spacing.

[edit] Basics and Tips


Spacing is very important when it comes to mastering Marth, spacing is very important because it keeps you out of your opponent's range and keeps your opponents in yours. Good spacing will also help you tip your moves easier. But remember that you shouldn't always tip, standard hits are just as useful because the low knockback will allow you to juggle and combo effectively.

Marth is very good when it comes to spacing since he has so many spacing tools. His Ftilt, Fthrow, and Dancing Blade are used to reset the space between you and your opponent if they get too close. The jab, Dtilt and Fair will help you adjust your spacing. Utilizing the Short Hop will aid your spacing game even further, you will be able to accurately place your aerials during the short hop and you will be able to land where you want. If they come after you during your short hop, fend them off with some Fairs.

Sometimes you just want to demolish your opponent while hitting your opponent with the tip of Marth's Sword


After you learn how to space appropriately, you have to learn how and when to tip.

Tipping is easy to learn but hard to master, especially on a moving target. just remember your spacing and you should have no trouble tipping. The most important moves to learn how to tip are your smashes, your Bair and your Dair, as these moves are your most effective killing moves. You should tip at the end of a combo to KO your opponent or reset your spacing for another move.


Walking - The best kind of approach is a safe approach. It's generally not a good idea to run at your opponent with guns err... swords a-blazin'. It's just too reckless. Instead of dashing towards your opponent, try walking once in a while. That's right, I said walk. Walking is a much safer approach since you have access to all your tilts, Dancing Blade and your jab which can be used to parry incoming projectiles and fend off your opponent if they decide to attack you early also, you'll have an easier time perfect shielding projectiles and attacks. I'm not saying that you shouldn't dash, I'm just saying that you shouldn't not walk.

Dashing - Dashing is still a decent approach, just make sure you know what you are doing. You can shield grab during a dash so you can use that, you can short hop out of your dash to perform aerials on your opponent or dodge projectiles. Also, you can use Dancing Blade out of your dash. You can also use your shield while dashing to block projectiles.

Short Hopping - Short hopping is another way to approach, you can Fair projectiles, and Fair your opponent. You can also airdodge to dodge stuff and you can also perform the Dancing Blade in the air.


SHFF stands for Short Hop Fast-Fall. The purpose of SHFFing is to increase the speed of your aerials on ground level. SHFFing is useful because it speeds up your aerial game and lets you use ground attacks sooner. You need to learn how to SHFF to perform some of the more complicated combos in Brawl.

---Shield Grabbing---

Shield grabbing is a very useful defensive technique, since it allows you to grab right out of your shield. Use the shield grab when your opponent is going to attack you within your grabbing range. Once you grab them, you can start a chain grab or throw them. Throwing is the better choice when your opponent has a higer percentage will reset their position, giving you time to go on the offensive. Shield grabbing is vital to Marth's defensive game.

[edit] Advanced


- SH Fair (Short Hop Fair)

How to do: Perform a Fair during a short hop.

Uses: This technique is used a lot during approaches, use this technique to adjust your spacing. This technique is very safe, use it often.

- SHFF Fair (Short hop Fast-Fall Fair)

How to do: Perform a Fair during a short hop and fast-fall it.

Uses: This is a very aggressive move, use it to rack up damage. This move is riskier than SH Fair but will allow for more combos because you will be able to perform an attack on the ground earlier.

- SHDF (Short Hop Double Fair)

How to do: Perform two Fairs during a short hop.

Uses: Use this technique to rack up damage and adjust your spacing.

- Footstool jump to Dair

How to do: Footstool jump your opponent and immediately perform a Dair.

Uses: The footstool jump will give you enough vertical spacing to tip your Dair, causing the Dair to spike your opponent. Don't use this too often, but use it when you get the chance.

- Pivot Grab

Desc: Marth quickly turns around and grabs his opponent.

How to do: While dashing, quickly tap the directional stick in the opposite direction while grabbing at the same time.

Uses: Use this tech to create mind games and surprise your opponent.

- Pivot Shield Breaker

Desc: Marth performs the Shield Breaker in the opposite direction he was facing in the air.

How to do: Tap the directional stick in the opposite direction you are facing while in the air and perform the Shield Breaker.

Uses: Use this tech to surprise your opponent and create mind games.

- Hyphen Smash

Desc: Marth performs an Usmash out of his dash.

How to do: While dashing, perform a Usmash.

Uses: This technique can be used to setup for juggles. This technique can kill very well at high percents.

- Fox-Trot

Desc: Marth travels using only the "start up" of his dash.

How to do: Start a dash, and immediately start another dash. You can do this as many times as you want. Uses: You can use this to trick your opponent into thinking that you not continuing with your dash. You will be able to easily switch the direction in which you are dashing and you can perform any move on the ground in between each dash.

[edit] Combos

- First hit of Nair -> Dolphin Slash

- SHFF Uair -> Utilt

- SHFF Uair -> Usmash

- Dtilt -> Dancing Blade

- SHFF -> Dancing Blade

- First Hit of Dancing Blade -> Dolphin Slash

- Fthrow -> Fsmash (opponent must be at 5% or lower)

[edit] Marth's Sayings"

Many people ALWAYS ask "what the heck is Marth saying!?!?!", well I'm here to tell you.

This is what he says when he wins, and translated:

Boku wa makeru wake-ni wa ikanainda. = There's no way I can lose.

Konkai wa boku no kachi da ne? = Doesn't it seem I am the victor?

Kyou mo ikinobiru koto ga dekita. = Today, I have survived.

His Down B taunt:

Mina, miteite kure. = Everyone, look at me.

But if you interpret it more it's more like: "Hey everyone watch this"

[edit] Game Appearances

  • Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Tsurugi (Famicon) 1991
  • Fire Emblem: Monshō no Nazo (S. Famicon) 1993
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee (GC) 2001
  • Fire Emblem: Shin Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Tsurugi (DS) 2008

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