Luma Shot

This sends Luma hurtling forward with a high chance of launching opponents. Charge up this move to send Luma flying even further!


Rosalina using Luma Shot

Luma Shot is Rosalina & Luma's standard special move, in which Rosalina throws Luma at her opponents to deal damage. Rosalina can essentially control Luma, creating a long-range attack relying on both characters. Luma can utilize Star Bits even while isolated from Rosalina during Luma Shot.

[edit] Overview

Utilizing Rosalina's standard special move will send Luma flying out alone, with its own unique moveset. The longer Rosalina charges this move, the farther Luma can travel. Luma will return if Rosalina repeats her move, or by re-spawning after being defeated.

[edit] Rosalina & Luma Special Moveset

Special Moves
Standard Special Luma Shot
Side Special Star Bits
Up Special Launch Star
Down Special Gravitational Pull
Final Smash Power Star

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