Landmaster Ignition

Event Match 2: Landmaster Ignition
Wolf's Landmaster.jpg
Wolf's Landmaster.
Character Used Fox(1 Stock)
Opponent Metaknight and Sheik(Infinite stocks)
Stage Corneria
Availability Starter

Game Description: Slippy! Send me a Landmaster! Show them Star Fox's Final Smash!

Landmaster Ignition is the second solo Event Match in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Fox pilots the Landmaster against Metaknight and Sheik on Corneria. Fox will be ready to use his Final Smash. Only one KO is necessary to complete the mission, and this mission is considered to be easy and a good training exercise. The only challenge is attempting reach a high KO score in the one minute time frame. Sheik and Metaknight have a boost in their attacks buffed a lot and are harder to KO without the Landmaster.

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