Landmaster is the Final Smash of Fox, Falco and Wolf. All three Final Smashes are a bit different from one another. Fox's Landmaster is the most balanced of the three, with decent power and hovering ability. Falco's is weaker in power than Fox's, but can hover for a much longer time. Both Fox's and Falco's Landmasters last for 18 seconds. Wolf's landmaster is the most powerful of the three, and can hover for an even longer time than Falco's; however, it only lasts for 12 seconds. To hover just press and hold the jump button. When you press A inside any of the Landmasters you can fire a beam. You can also preform a roll by pressing down on the directional pad or joystick.

You can obtain a trophy of this Final Smash by completing all star mode with the following character you want the trophy for, Fox, Falco, or Wolf.

Starfox Landmaster
Falco and Fox's Landmaster

Wolfen Landmaster
Wolf's Landmaster.jpg
Wolf's Landmaster

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