Konga Beat

Konga Beat
Konga Beat.jpg
Donkey Kong clapping to the beat

Konga Beat, Donkey Kong's Final Smash, is when he pulls out his bongos and attacks with the sound waves. If used ineffectively, this is the weakest Final Smash. However, if the player taps A in beat to the music, this can be one of the most effective. Every time DK claps his hands together (around every 5 times it is played in beat) it creates a powerful shock wave. This shortwave's hitbox is just a little larger than the stage, Final Destination. Konga Beat blocks out the music in the stage and substitutes it for its own music. As this is a rhythmic Final Smash, the more times you practice/use it, the better you'll become with it. If you miss a beat midway through, the hitbox range will reset.
You can obtain the Konga Beat trophy by clearing All-Star Mode with Donkey Kong.

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