King Dedede

King Dedede
King DededeU.png
King Dedede's Official Artwork
Character Information
Series Kirby
Smash Bros. Debut Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Smash Bros. Information
Smash Bros. N/A
Melee N/A
Brawl Starter
3DS / Wii U Starter
Special Moves
Standard Move Inhale
Side Move SSBB: Waddle Dee Toss
SSB 3DS/Wii U: Gordo Throw
Up Move Super Dedede Jump
Down Move Jet Hammer
Final Smash SBBB: Waddle Dee Army
SBB 3DS/Wii U: Dedede Burst


[edit] Background

Main Article

King Dedede is the self-proclaimed ruler of Dreamland.

[edit] Role in SSE

King Dedede first makes his appearance smashing Luigi into the air with his hammer and turning him into a trophy. He uses Luigi as bait, for when Wario stops to take it, a horde of Waddle Dee ambush him, allowing King Dedede to take Wario's vehicle and the trophies on board. King Dedede is next seen taking the trophies of Link and Yoshi (Mario and Pit) after they have been defeated. Kirby however makes a surprise appearence and frees Link and Yoshi (Mario and Pit). Mario (Link) sees Princess Peach (Zelda) on Dedede's vehicle and takes chase. King Dedede is later see at his castle, attaching badges to each of his trophies which include Ness, Luigi and Princess Peach (Zelda). Bowser breaks through the ceiling though and traps Dedede, Ness and Luigi under the rubble, knocking Dedede out and turning him into a trophy. He is later sucked into Subspace by a nearby Subspace Bomb alongside Ness and Luigi. Later in the story, Ness and Luigi are revived by Dedede's badges. Ness decides Dedede is a good guy and revives him, they then set out to save the other characters and defeat Tabuu. They later find Bowser's trophy and King Dedede revives him. Bowser is enraged, but the King defeats him and then revives him again. Bowser attempts to attack again, but King Dedede slaps him in the face and points at Master Hand, lying unconscious on the ground and then at the light at the top where Tabuu awaits, telling Bowser who the true enemy is. King Dedede stumbles across Kirby who revived himself by swallowing a badge he found at Dedede's Castle, King Dedede is overjoyed to see Kirby and pulls him along to battle Tabuu. King Dedede appears one last time before climbing the staircase, Wario knocks King Dedede down, but stops when he sees that he's outnumbered. King Dedede points towards the top of the staircase where Wario rides up to the top on his motorbike.

[edit] Multiplayer

[edit] Pros

  • Heavy
  • Reliable Projectile
  • K.O. easily
  • Forward smash is one of the most powerful smashes in the game
  • Four mid-air jumps
  • Most moves have high knock back
  • Down Throw leads into infinite grab
  • Super Dedede jump has long vertical recovery
  • Good edge guarder
  • Heavy and Five jumps means that he won't get KOed fast

[edit] Cons

  • Most moves have a lot of start up lag and end lag
  • Larger Target, Easy to hit
  • Easy to combo and juggle
  • Third slowest dash in the game. Tied with Zelda
  • Predictable recovery
  • Second smallest mid-air jumps in the game
  • If Super Dedede jump hits the ceiling, it will cancel and send Dedede to helpless state
  • Dash attack has start up and end lag. Easily taken advantage of
  • Fsmash has terrible lag and can be punished easily

[edit] Moves

  • AAA combo

This is a basic AAA combo. The first two hits do about 6% and then Dedede starts spinning his hammer as long as you hold down the A button which causes miniscule damage when the opponent is his by it. Honestly you're not going to get much use out of this but it's nice to use every once in a while to add in a bit of damage and also useful to help refresh your other moves.

  • Dash attack

Dedede is one of the few characters in the game to have a dash attack with killing potential. He runs and does sort of a body slam that does about 13%-16%. His entire body is the hit box basically. Also beware this move has a bit of starting lag and a lot of ending lag making it a bit hard to land and leaves you quite open if you miss. A good way to land this move is to do your down throw and make your opponent think you will chain grab then pull this out instead.

[edit] Tilts

  • Forward Tilt

KO: 280% This is a great move. It doesn't have much kill potential but it's a great poking move that does about 12%. It's range is damn near incredible so you can just safely stay away from your opponent and hit them a couple times with this to add in a bit of damage. Also it's incredibly quick and has no start up or cool down lag. Combining the fact that it's quick and has great range makes it nearly impossible to punish. So basically anytime your opponent is approaching you can just hit them with this for some quick easy damage and don't be fooled it adds up rather quickly.

  • Up Tilt

KO: 105% Coup de boul!! Dedede does a head butt which does about 12% and has great killing potential. This move is very good for juggling and at lower percents it sets up for any of Dedede's great aerials. It's got deceptively long range because Dedede head butts slightly to the side and apparently he has got a very large head because the range for this move is surprisingly big. Also you can knock the opponent into this move by doing your Nair. One last note is that this move works ALOT better on taller characters because they don't need to be nearly as close as short characters to be hit with this.

  • Down Tilt

KO: 135% Dedede's down tilt is kind of a middle ground between Utilt and Ftilt and does about 10%. For one thing it doesn't have the great range of Ftilt or the great killing potential of Utilt however it has better killing potential than Ftilt and better range than Utilt. Also like his other two tilts, this move is very fast and has basically no lag what so ever. It's great for punishing a predicted roll or for staying close to the edge and hitting your opponent with it when they get close. Also it can be done out of Dedede's godly crouch and that is always a plus.

[edit] Aerials

  • Back Air

KO: 130% This is Dedede's best aerial by far. He basically just kicks backward. It does 13%, has good knock back, high priority, great range, comes out quickly and it's lag is next to non existent. You would think it's stupid to approach an opponent backwards in combat but DeDeDe breaks the mold and his reverse aerial rush is one of his best approaches thanks to this gem. It's great for edge guarding and for a wall of pain. Also it can and should be short hopped. Beware however that if you start the move too late and you hit the ground then you will experience lad. This isn't a very big issue though as the move comes out very quickly.

  • Forward Air

KO: 130% Dedede's Fair isn't as good as his Bair but it still is a great aerial and does about 15-20%. He swings his hammer in front of him vertically and horizontally. It comes out very fast, has decent range and has good knock back. You can short hop this move but you've got to do it fairly quickly or you'll land during it and experience some pretty bad lag. This move is very useful for edge guarding off the stage and also on tall characters it can hit quite often even when on the stage. Fair is a great aerial and make sure to use it almost as much as your Bair.

  • Up air

KO: Depends on how close your opponent is to the top of the screen. Dedede's Uair is quite a good move that does about 15-25%. He sticks his hammer above him and starts spinning it. When your opponent is above you by even a little bit you can hit them with this which hits them multiple times and knocks them upward. It comes out fast and racks up a good amount of damage. It has a bit of ending lag so make sure not to miss or you could get punished. And also it doesn't hit opponents who are standing on the ground so don't even try.

  • Down Air

KO: 160% Dedede's Dair is a good move and it is slightly better than his Uair. He sticks his hammer under him and starts spinning it for about 12-17%. It's a fairly useful aerial and does good damage. A good time to use it is when your opponent tries to get back onto the stage just short hop and Dair right by the edge to knock them upward and into another aerial. If you do short hop it just make sure to land it though because it has pretty bad lag when it hits the ground and the move duration is too long to auto cancel.

  • Neutral Air

KO: 170% Have you heard of the expression "Last but not least"? Well yeah that doesn't apply here. Dedede's Nair isn't bad but it's average at best. Dedede just sticks his arms and legs out a small bit and ...falls. Yeah not exactly great but it can be followed by Utilt, Usmash or a grab. Basically it's good to pull out every once in a while but with so many better options you really shouldn't be using this much at all.

[edit] Smashes

  • Forward Smash

KO: 42% uncharged, 17% Charged King Dedede's Forward is the strongest smash attack in the game, only Ike's forward smash and Ivysaur's up smash come close. He takes his hammer and does an overhead slam with the hammer that does 24% uncharged and 33% charged. Of course to balance out the fact that it kills incredibly early and has incredible range, the move is also the slowest smash in the game. It has horrible warm up lag and horrible cool down lag so basically if you don't hit with it then you're completely open. Also the sides of the hammer hurt the opponent but it doesn't do much damage or knock back so you must hit them with the middle of the hammer. There are two key times in which you could use this move. The first is when the opponent is recovering you hit them with this before they can reach the stage. The other time you could use this is right after you do your down grab you do your Fsmash. They will think you will just continue with your chain grab and try and dodge it but instead they'll get hit in the face with your hammer.

  • Down Smash

KO: 115% uncharged, 75% charged Down smash is a good move and Dedede's fastest smash. He takes his hammer and swings it all around him low at the ground and it does 14% uncharged and 21% charged. Since this move is fast and has decent range it is quite a reliable kill move. An especially good time to use this is when your opponent is on the edge and doesn't have his invincibility frames anymore because it will stage spike them to their death. Make sure to remember though, this move like most other smashes has a bit of ending lag so it can be punished if you missed.

  • Up Smash

KO: 110% uncharged, 75% charged It's a useful Smash. Dedede takes his hammer and swing from one side of his body over his head to the other side of his body doing 14% uncharged and 21% charged. I personally prefer using Utilt to this because it kills a bit sooner than an uncharged Usmash and comes out a bit sooner. However Usmash is good too as it has better range and hits all around Dedede. Use this and Utilt about equally.

[edit] Grabs

  • Standing Grab

Dedede's grab is simply amazing. He has one of the longest grab ranges in the game and can grab a lot of characters out of their aerials. He also has an incredibly useful chain grab that I'll go into detail on later in this guide. Also, Dedede's grab range isn't nearly as good when doing a running grab so make sure to always running shield grab.

  • A attack in grab

Basically Dedede starts head butting the opponent for 3% each hit. Although it's not official, you can do approximately 1 head butt every 50% without them escaping the grab. It's also a good idea to use this during your chain grab or at least once every time you grab. Remember that the damage adds up.

  • Back Throw

Dedede turns around and knocks his opponent in the opposite direction they were originally facing with his hammer and it does 16%. Although this move CAN kill chances are it almost never will since it will either be decayed or you would have killed the opponent already. Also this move can easily set up for edge guarding. Just knock them backwards off the stage and they're set up for Bairs or Fairs.

  • Forward Throw

Dedede takes his hammer and hits the opponent forward dealing about 13%. This move like the Bthrow won't kill until high percents but it will set up well for edge guarding. Use this move when your opponent is closer to the edge and you Bthrow if your closer to the edge.

  • Up Throw

Dedede takes his opponent and head butts him upward doing about 9%. This has much less kill potential then either of the other throws. And actually this is Dedede's worst throw in general. It's not really bad but it only does 9% and does really set up for anything since the opponent can DI away from you and avoid your follow up aerials. Just try and avoid using this more than once or twice a match because it's not up to par with Dedede's other grabs.

  • Down Throw

Dedede takes his opponent and sits on them then they get launched forward a small bit , also it does 8%. Ok this time "Last but not least" most definitely applies. This is Dedede's BEST grab mostly because this move can be done over and over again A.K.A a chain grab. This chain grab can be done on more than half the roster and is incredibly useful for adding up damage. I'll go into more details about it in the "Chain grab" section of strategies.

[edit] Specials

  • Neutral B: Inhale

This is basically identical to Kirby’s move of the same name where you suck up the enemy except Dedede can't take your opponent's powers. This is incredibly useful because of Dededeciding. Dededeciding is when you swallow your enemy and fall off the stage with them resulting in a double suicide. This can turn the tide of the match for instance if you just killed your opponent and your at 150% and about to die you just swallow your enemy and jump off the stage you now have an entire stock lead. However you have to be very close to the edge when doing this or your opponent will escape form your mouth and might recover. If this is done on both of your last stock then it will go to sudden death and if this is done in sudden death then Dedede wins. Some have also called it suiciDedede You also can spit them back out as a star which does damage to them dependent on their weight. Also if the star hits someone then it will do damage to them as well. The damage depends on the character's weight.

  • Side B: Waddle Dee Toss

Dedede's Waddle Dee toss is his only projectile but he doesn't need another projectile because this move is simply great and a major part of Dedede's game. He takes either a Waddle Dee (5%), Waddle Doo (7%) or Gordo (23%) out of his sleeve and throws it at the opponent. The waddle Dees and Doos stay on the stage and eventually disappear or walk off the stage. While they are on the stage Waddle Dees will sometimes jump and if they hit the opponent they'll give them a bit of damage and knock back but nothing important. Waddle Doos are much more useful as they shoot lighting out of their eyeball like so:

This lightning traps your opponent for a few seconds and if you react fast enough then you can hit them with a Fsmash while they're trapped. Gordos are the rarest thing DeDeDe can throw and for good reason. They fly much faster then the waddles, do much more damage and kill a lot sooner than most of Dedede's moves. Also if they are shielded then they stay on the stage for a second or two so you can run up and throw them into it. A gordo looks like this:

Make sure to use this move a lot as it helps your defensive strategy immensely and it is incredibly helpful. Also it can stop some low projectiles like fox's blaster. Another useful thing to use it for is that you can hit the Waddle with a move and it will be decayed so you can refresh moves like Bair and Dthrow. And to avoid decaying your waddles make sure to pick up ones that are fresh because they maintain their damage until they disappear.

  • Down B: Jet Hammer

Dedede's down special isn't too useful when compared to his other moves. The move does 30% when fully charged on the ground, 16% uncharged and 28% when fully charged in air. It has horrible lag in the beginning but doesn't have lag at the end. However the it's range is lacking and when it's fully charged it gives you 1% per second.

  • Up B: Super Dedede Jump

As an attack this move isn't exactly top notch but it's definatly a great recovery. Dedede jumps incredibly high and then fall really fast. To grab ledges with this move you must cancel it by pressing down on the control stick any time after the initial jump. If this move lands on the ground then small stars will appear on both sides of you causing damage. Also this move acts as a meteor spike so if you hit an opponent while heading down ward then they will be sent straight downward. That isn't too useful though because to meteor smash them off of the edge you would have to be off the edge as well which would lead to a suicide. Also when you land with this move it's REALLY laggy so it's a guaranteed to be punished unless the opponent rushes in too fast and gets hit by you or the stars. Just try to avoid using this move as a recovery when your opponent is waiting to punish it. One more thing to note is that if you cancel it too close to the ground then you will start bouncing around which leaves you more wide open then just landing normally.

  • Final Smash: Waddle Dee Army

Dedede suddenly strikes a pose then starts dancing. As he dances a plethora of waddle dees doos and even gordos start popping up every where and start heading in every which way possible. Unfortunately this probably won't kill the enemy and they can just try and stay in the air to dodge your waddles. Luckily you probably won't be using smash balls all too often so this move really doesn't matter much. This move is most likely to pull your opponent off the edge of the stage. Dedede also causes a slight suction and pulls things in.

[edit] Strategies

[edit] Recovery

King Dedede has one of the best recoveries in the game. Use can use his extra jumps and Up B to recover a massive vertical and horizontal distance. There are few times when you won't be able to reach the stage but always remember one important thing. Never use the Super Dedede Jump to land on the stage. If you have to use it then just cancel it and grab the ledge. The opponent can punish it very easily if you land on the stage. Also, don't be afraid to jump off the stage and WoP with your Bair and Fair because Dedede will almost always be able to recover. One more thing to note is, on final destination, it's possible to hit your head with the Up B on the ledge and fall to your death. Try to avoid that although it won't happen often.

[edit] Edgeguarding

Edge guarding is something Dedede excels at and with his great recovery you'll never have to worry about suicide. Basically you can either stay on the stage and try to hit them when they come back or you can jump off the stage and assault them with aerials. It's up to you to decide when to use either strategy but they are useful. If you decide to stay on the stage then try and hit your opponent with a forward smash when they come back or wait a good distance from the edge and charge your smash attack until the opponent gets on the stage which is when you unleash it on them. If you choose the more head on style and jump off the stage and edge guard then there is two key moves you should use. Bair and Fair, both are useful and kill at about the same percent but chances are your Bair will be decayed form you using it so it's a good idea to us Fair since it will be fresh most likely. However if you have used your Bair sparingly then feel free to go and KO your opponent with it.

[edit] Approach

Really Dedede doesn't have the best approach but it can work out for you. Just spam a bit of waddle at the beginning and then approach either with Bairs or walk forward and Ftilt when in range. The former is quite easy and if you pressure them enough then you can get in a grab and hopefully a chain grab if your playing a character who can be chain grabbed. The latter is quite easy too. Stay out of their range but hit them with a Ftilt and pressure them toward the ledge with some more tilts and maybe a couple aerials then edge guard. As you can see DeDeDe doesn't have too many options for approaching.

[edit] Defensive

Dedede plays defensively very well. Basically you stay near the edge and waddle spam them until they approach. If they approach on the ground then you can hit them with your Ftilt or Dtilt. If they approach by air then you can either shield the attack and do an Utilt or just shield it then grab them out of their aerial and proceed to either chain grab them or throw them off the stage for edge guarding. Just remember to keep your space and that waddles are your friends.

[edit] Chain Grab

Of course this is one of Dedede's main techniques and something all Dedede players should make sure to learn and obviously it deserved it's own section in strategies. The basic thing about chain grabbing is that you do your down throw then run and shield grab the opponent then do your Dthrow and continue that until they get near the edge in which case you could Fthrow them off the stage or just Dthrow and try to edge guard. However some characters can't be chain grabbed because after the Dthrow they just lay down so you can regrab them. Also, some characters can be infinitely chain grabbed and well as normally chain grabbed. One special case is luigi who can't be chain grabbed because he slides after being Dthrow so he is way out of your range but he can be infinitely chain grabbed because you can grab him before he slides on the ground.

Can't be chain grabbed Plain and simple these characters can't be chain grabbed. When you use your down throw on them they just lay there. Yes the characters in this group need to get off their lazy butts but there is still a way to deal damage right after the down throw. You can use you Ftilt and it will be guaranteed to hit them. Also you can try to follow up with the dash attack or Fsmash but it won't be guaranteed to hit like Ftilt.

Chain Grab Only These make up the majority of the roster. Basically you just down throw them and continue to running shield grab until they are off the edge in which you can edge guard. Take note that Ice Climbers CAN be chain grabbed but the other one will hit you while you're trying this so only use this if they are separated by a large distance or if there is only one left.

Infinite Chain Grab I'll go over all of these characters separately because the down throw has a different effect on all of them.

  • Donkey Kong: He is the easiest character to infinite chain grab. Basically just get the timing down for when you need to grab and you'll be able to chain grab him from dawn 'till dusk.
  • Bowser: Ok Bowser cannot truly be infinite chain grabbed but he is so close that your grab just barely misses him. So to counter this tilt the control stick a tiny bit forward so Dedede inches forward a tiny bit and you grab reaches him. This can't be done infinitely but it takes a long time for him to actually fall off the stage.
  • Samus and Mario: These are the most annoying characters to infinite chain grab in the game. Basically you can infinite them like DK for 5 consecutive grabs but eventually stale moves stops you grabbing right after they you grab them. So basically you have to do your grab attack in between every grab so your down throw gets stale slower. You have to be fast though or else the opponent will escape. Also remember that you can do approximately one grab attack per 50% without them escaping.
  • Luigi: He is the only character in this who can be infinite chain grabbed but not chain grabbed and that's because of his annoying trait of sliding when he hits the ground. He is the only character on the roster who can't be hit by Down throw to Ftilt. However since he can be infinite chain grabbed this doesn't matter too much. Unfortunately like Samus and Mario you cannot infinite him unless you do a jab between each grab. Remember to be quick or they will break out of the grab.

[edit] Matchups

  • If you're looking or a specific matchup, they're in alphabetical order.


Captain Falcon


Diddy Kong

Donkey Kong

  • Difficuly: easy-hard

This matchup can be either incredibly easy or incredibly difficult based on if you can do the infinite chain grab or not. DK is faster than you, stronger than you and out ranges you with most moves so getting a grab will be tough but if you do then just infinite chain grab him until you can kill him with Bthrow or Fthrow. If you can't infinite then do your normal chain grab and try to keep your space and not let DK hit you with his powerful smashes or the dreaded giant punch. Another thing to watch out for is the cargo spike where DK throws you against the lip of stages and it spikes you. Basically if you plan to use Dedede against DK then know how to infinite chain grab.


  • Difficulty: Very Hard

One of the hardest matches for Dedede and for several reasons. First of all you can't chain grab him but he can chain grab you up to 60%. Also his lasers can't be blocked by waddles and Dedede will usually get hit by 2 or 3 lasers before being able to jump out of the laser stream. Falco's moves are also very fast so if you use your slow moves then you will be punished. Stick to your fast moves and try to edge guard him but when edge guarding him beware of his Side B. If you're trying to interrupt his recovery you might get spiked by his side B which will undoubtedly kill you at higher percents.


Mr. Game & Watch


Ice Climbers


  • Difficulty: medium-easy

This isn't one of Dedede's best matchups but he still has a slight advantage. First thing to note is that Ike has serious range with all of his moves not to mention power so be wary when you approach him. In fact you shouldn't be approaching him what with his retreating Fairs and incredibly quick Bairs. It's best wo waddle camp as there is nothing he can really do about it except approach. Once he approaches then you've got the advantage. Waddles block his side B and even if they didn't then you could just stand by the ledge with your B move and watch him fly to his death ( video of this si near bottom of guide). His moves for the most part are incredibly slow and if he misses then it leaves you a marvelous chance to rush in and chaingrab him. Also take note that his recovery is piss poor and you can gimp it easily. First of all if he recovers with side B then just jump infront of it or hold onto the ledge and watch him fall to his death. His Up B can also be stopped easily.....just no with Dedede. Seriously you want to knock him away from the stage HORIZONTALLY because you can't stop him form recovering with aether. It has super armor frames and can meteor smash you so just wait on the stage and prepare a smash or a jet hammer if you prefer or you could just set him up for a shield grab to more edge guarding. Just remember that you shouldn't be the one doing the approaching and you'll do fine.



King Dedede

  • Difficulty: Medium

You're fighting yourself which means you can chain grab each other and you both have the same range. You're going to want to play defensively and try to use your waddles to the best of their abilities. Try and force them to recover with Up B and then hit them with a Fsmash when they land. Also when you're edge guarding watch out for Fair because it might hit you into the stage and stage spike you. Also remember that you can pick up their waddles and throw them at the opponent. Also remember that you can swallow their Waddle Doos with neutral B before they start firing their laser And don't forget to watch out for Dededecides. Kirby

when on the ground medium smash attacks and normal attacks work best, try to dodge around there attack, if you are shot into the air then you can up+B/1 to get to the ground quicker, i find that king DEDEDE is terrible while up in the air, it all depends on you playing style, you can also use Waddle Dee's to distract the enemy. All of links attack's can be avoided with ease although if caught in a combo or his final smash it can cause some real damage. You can easily finish link off with a quick smash attack. Don't use this strategy for toon link because Toon link is a lot faster and harder than normal link.






Meta Knight



  • Difficulty: Hard

This Matchup does not bode well for Dedede at all. The first and most important thing to worry about is that your a big target and Olimar can easily latch on his pikmin using his pikmin throw. Another bad thing is that he cannot be chain grabbed which isn't good. Not to mention that his aerials out range all of yours. So what you'll want to do is try and stay on the ground and out of his range and if he comes at you with aerials try and shield and punish him. The main thing to know is that you should edge hog so once he uses his Up B he will fall to his death. If you don't do that then your in for a long hard battle.






  • Difficulty: Easy

Samus is one of Dedede's easier matchup ups. The waddle doos will block any charged shots while your Ftilt will take out any missiles that come your way. You also completely out range all of Samuses attacks except Zair. Basically your main goal should be to stay out of Samuses range, block her projectiles and get her into the air where you can just have a field day. Also she can be infinite chain grabbed which just makes this match up all the easier.





Toon Link

  • Difficulty:Hard

Ugh this is not a good match up for Dedede at all. He is great in the air and on the most part his aerials are better than yours. That however isn't the worst part. He has great projectiles and it makes approaching him a serious headache. He has bombs,a boomerang and arrows all of which can be spammed faster than your waddles so don't even think of going toe to toe with him in a long range projectile fight. Also, since his projectiles stop you from approaching you most likely won't get a chance to get near him and chaingrab him. What you'll want to do is approach him by ground and cancel his projectiles with Ftilt or AAA. Don't try to dodge his projectiles unless absolutely necessary because Dedede is a huge target and pretty easy to hit. Once you make it to him just try to chain grba him or knock him off and WoP. His recovery is quite good vertically but if you knock him far enough horizontally then he won't be able to recover so keep that in mind. Keep in mind that if the toon link you're facing doesn't use projectiles as much as he should be then this matchup becomes MUCH easier.


  • Difficutly: Easy

(Note: This was written by Murray3, not Stabbedbyahippie) This match-up is quite easy, keep the match in the air, Wario will have a very difficult time reaching you, you outrange his aerials by far and can break them with priority. He may chomp you but that's as much as he can do, his bike will just set him up for a chain grab and a few of his Smash attacks give him enough lag for a charged down smash. Wario's recovery is also easily gimped. Stages with platforms are helpful as you can just stand on them and wait for Wario to jump. Wario's only move that may hit you in the air is his Bair but it isn't very strong and will get stale. Waddle Dee Toss is the only thing that won't work, Wario simply eats them but a lucky Gordo may be helpful.




Zero Suit Samus

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