Ken's Official Artwork
Character Information
Series Street Fighter
Original Debut Street Fighter (August 1987)
Smash Bros. Debut Ultimate
Brawl Tier To Be Determined
Smash Bros. Information
Special Moves
Standard Move Hadouken
Side Move Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
Up Move Shoryuken
Down Move Focus Attack
Final Smash Shinryuken
Shippu Jinraikyaku

[edit] Background

The son of a wealthy American hotel tycoon and a Japanese mother, Ken (full name Ken Masters) is a playable character and an Echo Fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. As such, his fighting style mirrors that of Ryu with some noticeable differences.

[edit] Abilities

Ken, like Ryu, is trained in Ansastuken, known as Shotokan Karate. What separates Ken from Ryn is that Ken is the faster of the two, yet he still hits hard in his own right.

The main differences include a slightly different appearance in the Hadouken that Ken uses, plus his Shoryuken catches fire, known as the Flaming Shoryuken. Also, instead of a fist for his Focus Attack, Ken uses his feet.

Ken also uses two Final Smash moves. The first, Shinryuken, focus on the center of the stage and is used from a distance. His second, Shippu Jinraikyaku, is used at close range.

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