Frozen victims of the Ice Climbers Final Smash

Iceberg is the Final Smash that belongs to the Ice Climbers. Very similar to Dr. Wright (Assist Trophy), this summons a massive Iceberg which covers the mass of the stage. This makes the following happen to everyone, except to the Ice Climbers who are immune to the effects:

  • Slippery floors on platforms, which results in tripping
  • 2% damage whenever in contact with the Iceberg
  • Freezing on contact with the Iceberg (Knockback occurs, depending on the part of the Iceberg frozen at, and how much damage they have)

Iceberg is in proportion to the stage it is performed at. If at Battlefield, a small Iceberg occurs. If performed at New Pork City, a large one occurs.

You can obtain a trophy of this Final Smash when completing All-Star Mode with the Ice Climbers.

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