Ice Climbers

Ice Climbers
Ice Climbers' official art.
Series Ice Climbers
Weight medium
Costumes Original, Red and White, Black and White, Blue/Green gloves, Pure white
Special Moves Ice Shot, Belay, Squall Hammer, Blizzard
Final Smash Iceberg

The cheerful duo of Nana and Popo (in pink and blue respectively), are the Ice Climbers, from the NES game of the same name.


[edit] Super Smash Bros. Melee

Relatively unknown, the Ice Climbers burst onto the scene and made an instant impression with their unique, dual-character gameplay style. While only Popo (the blue one) is directly controlled by the player, Nana (the pink one) follows behind, doubling up on your attacks and occasionally making moves of her own. When the two characters start attacking independently of one another, anyone caught in the middle is in serious trouble. The one flaw is that when Nana dies, their power is effectively halved, and while you won’t lose a stock on her demise, Popo will be much less effective without her.

[edit] Game Appearances

  • Ice Climber (NES, PC-88, Sharp X1, Arcade, FDS, Game Boy Advance, e-Reader, Virtual Console)

[edit] Role in SSE

They are scaling a Mountain, when the Halberd smashes Fox's ship into it. They get knocked down and team up with Meta Knight to reach the summit. At the top an encounter with Lucario and Meta Knight occurs. They team up with the other heroes for the battle against Tabuu.

[edit] Multiplayer

[edit] Pros

  • More Effective with both characters
  • Can be De-synched
  • Alternate Grab
  • Great ground game
  • Attacks are stronger when both Ice Climbers hit
  • Forward aerial gives strong spike
  • Combos very well
  • Belay can be used as a Tether Recovery
  • Traction prevents sliding on ice
  • Can carry two items at once
  • Can freeze enemies with Blizzard when they're at higher percentage
  • If the partner dies, the leader can still fight
  • Chain grab, if used correctly, can take off one stock
  • Can Ice Lock on certain characters
  • When separated the right distance, attacks for Nana come a little bit after yours, this can be useful in catching opponents off guard.

[edit] Cons

  • Weaker when separated
  • Terrible recovery when separated
  • Recovery can be gimped
  • Ice Shots get weaker over distance
  • Light
  • Lead loses many advantages when partner dies
  • Slow dash speed(Sixth slowest)
  • When the leader dies,the partner dies as well

[edit] Strategies

As the Ice climbers, you should learn to keep your distance unless you are sure to get a grab. Short hopped blizzards are great for spacing. Chaingrabs are somewhat required, as that is what the ice climbers live on. If you are only popo, it's basically over unless you can not get hit, because when nana dies, you are usually over 100%. Mind your distance.

[edit] Chaingrabs


Fthrow is one of the easiest to chain grab with, so this is the best one to start out with. Start by grabbing with Popo, then instead of mashing the stick forward, tilt it. Nana will walk instead of dash. Then grab as soon as Popo his with his hammer. Repeat.


(stuff goes here)


This is the most strict timing. First, mash backwards, then instantly press the grab button. Nana will now be grabbing. You can do an fthrow or a dthrow, but not another bthrow. If you grab with nana on your initial grab, refrain from using bthrow unless whoever is passed to popo.

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