Hot Head

Type Hand Item
Series Appearances: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Appearance: Red, yellow, circular, happy
Size: Large
Strength: Medium

[edit] Item Effect

The Hothead is an item that resembles a sun with a face. Throw it, and it will slide across the stage, damaging everyone it hits (besides the user). If it is on a stage such as Hyrule Temple, it will rotate around a certain part in the stage until it disappears. Should it be on World 1-1/1-2, it will slide off-screen and disappear.

Hitting a hothead with a fire or electric attack will increase its size. The power of a Hothead increases as it grows, but its time onscreen and speed decrease. Should a Hothead by hit by Mario's Cape attack, it will reverse direction and damage everyone but the player playing as Mario.

[edit] Strategy

The Hothead is more or less an annoying item. It won't last long if it can't rotate around on the stage, but it can cause some serious damage when hit by multiple fire and electric attribute attacks. Attacks like Pikachu's Thunder or Captain Falcon's Falcon Punch will dramatically increase the size of a Hothead. A Hothead causes more damage the larger it grows, so its danger level is directly related to its size. Characters like Fox, Mario, and Pit can use their reflector techniques in order to make the Hothead damage all others except for them. Lucario, Marth, and Ike can use their respective counter-strike techniques to avoid damage, but the Hothead will not change directions and those characters will still be subject to damage upon future contact with the Hothead. The Hothead is at its strongest when it lets loose a small, but noticeable, electric charge. For this brief moment, the knock back power is greatly increased. Few characters who are hit at a starting damage percentage above 80 will be able to survive a hit from a fully grown Hothead at the moment of the electrical charge.

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