Hide 'n' Sheik

Event Match 9: Hide 'n' Sheik
Character Used Choose (1 Stock)
Opponent 2 Zeldas/2 Sheiks(1 Stock)
Stage Great Bay
Availability Starter

Game Description: Only Sheik KOs count! Wait for the change...

Hide 'n' Sheik is the 9th Event Match in Super Smash Bros. Melee. In it, you will face 2 Zeldas, but you can only eliminate them when they transform into Sheik. You can still attack them while they're Zelda, but only KOs in their Sheik form will eliminate them. Be wary though as they become much more aggressive once they transform into Sheik. You can choose your character and there is no time limit. It takes place on the Great Bay stage.

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