Golden Hammer

Golden Hammer
The Golden Hammer in all of its pedastool'd glory.
Type Hand Weapon
Series Appearances: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Appearance: Gold, hammer-like
Size: Medium
Strength: Strong


[edit] Item Effect

The Golden Hammer is the advanced powered-up version of the Hammer. It's stronger, faster, and rarer. Also, if you're in the air and keep pressing the A button, then you will levitate. Unlike the normal Hammer a Golden Hammer's head will not fall off, however it does have its own kind of malfunction that is harder to see. There is a slight chance that a Golden Hammer will become a "squeaky" hammer, which does no damage to enemies or knock-back and only produces a squeaking noise when it hits opponents.

[edit] Strategy

The strongest item in the game. That pretty much says it all. If you have it, hunt people down. If someone else has it, stay way from them. The same strategies that work with the standard version of the Hammer work here as well. The main two differences are the malfunction, and ability to levitate. If the Golden Hammer malfunctions, you won't know it until you try to hit something or someone. If it starts squeaking, you're basically a sitting duck until the Golden Hammer vanishes. Also, since you can levitate with the Golden Hammer by repeatedly pressing the A button, you do have a slight recovery range to work with. However, the levitating effects won't last for long, so use its effect wisely.

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[edit] Trophy Description

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