Giant DK

Giant DK
Giant DK as seen in Super Smash Bros..
Series Donkey Kong
Weight Super Heavyweight
Debut Super Smash Bros.

Giant Donkey Kong first appears in Super Smash Bros.'s 1 Player Mode as the giant opponent. He has little knockback when he is attacked and his attacks will send opponents flying, which makes him much difficult on higher difficulties. You will also have two regular-sized AI partners.

In Super Smash Bros. Melee, his normal Super Mushroom will appear in the second stage of Adventure Mode, after beating two smaller Donkey Kongs. He also appears in Event 25: Gargantuans. The player will control a similar sized Bowser, as well as have two super tiny AI's of Mario and Peach.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Giant DK appears in Event 9: The Monster Beneath the Earth. If the players can't kill the two Diddy Kongs, they will have to fight Giant DK. In Event 27: Three-Beast Carnage, Giant DK returns with Giant Bowser and Giant Charizard, attacking New Pork City. Giant DK will also appear in Co-Op Event 14: The Dark Guardians. Ganondorf and Wolf will have to defeat Giant Charizard and Giant DK on New Pork City.

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