Galaxia Darkness

Galaxia Darkness
Galaxia Darkness.jpg
Meta Knight trapping Link and Mario in Galaxia Darkness.

Meta Knight's Final Smash. Meta Knight whirls his cape in slow motion. Then he quickly strikes with two strikes. The first strike is the main one and only hits enemies under his cape. The second one is a small slash where he hits everyone but himself on the stage (even team mates). Galaxia Darkness does a total of 40% damage. Be careful though, as this move has a big chance of missing! The small slash can be dodged by using any standard dodge(roll, sidestep, or midair) with good prediction on when the slash will strike. You can also time a dodge to avoid getting trapped in the cape if you feel you're in range of that.

You can obtain a trophy of this Final Smash when completing All-Star Mode with Meta Knight.

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