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"For Glory" mode is one of the two modes available when playing online with anyone, the other being "For Fun." The "For Glory" option is meant to provide more of a hardcore and competitive experience among players, rather than a more hectic experience with items and stage hazards. This mode is meant for more experienced and serious players, as it is mainly a test of skill alone (since there are no items or outside factors to alter the result).

[edit] Details

  • The stage is picked at random, but each stage will be either Final Destination or the Final Destination mode of the stage selected
    • This is done to prevent stage hazards and make sure that the stage is flat with a single platform
  • All items are turned off
    • Again, this is done to make the match all about skill and technique, rather than allowing powerful items to influence the match
  • 1-on-1 battles are possible
  • Both wins and losses are recorded
    • As this mode is more competitive and serious, losses will be tracked as well, giving players even more of a reason to do their best and become even better

Sakurai added this mode to the game to appeal to the more competitive fans of the series. A major complaint about Super Smash Bros. Brawl was that Final Destination was generally the only viable stage for competitive players, since it's the only flat stage without any outside interferences. This got repetitive for competitive fighters. Also, in Brawl's online mode, players couldn't turn off all items or make sure that the stage would be Final Destination (in other words, they couldn't guarantee that they could play competitive matches) when playing with anyone, which also bothered people. By adding For Glory mode, Sakurai was able to appeal to the competitive fans of Super Smash Bros., allowing them to play competitively with others around the world while also changing up the scenery and theme of the stages they fight on.

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