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"For Fun" mode is one of the two modes available when playing online with anyone, the other being "For Glory." The "For Fun" option is meant to provide a more laid back, enjoyable, entertaining experience for players of all skill levels. Both competitive and noncompetitive players are welcome to play in a mode meant solely for entertainment.

[edit] Details

  • The stage is picked at random (all stages are options, excluding Final Destination)
    • The stages will be in their normal modes, not in the Final Destination modes
  • All items are on
    • This includes the more powerful items, such as the Smash Ball, Dragoon, and Daybreak
  • Smash battles only
    • The battles have four players, with free-for-all and team battles as the options
  • Only players' wins will be recorded; not losses
    • As the mode is meant to be played for fun and fun alone, it doesn't matter how many times you lose!

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