A picture of food from the Super Smash Bro's series.
Type Restoration
Series Appearances: Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Appearance: Colorful, food varieties
Size: Small
Restoration: 1% to 9%


[edit] Item Effect

Food is a common item found in all of the video games in the Super Smash Bro's series. Food is often found by opening a Party Ball. Food usually comes in large quantities. Each food item will restore your health by 1 to 9%. Different real life food items found are:

[edit] List of Food

Name of Food Description Restoration %
Apple A large plump red circle with a brown stem. 5% Restoration
Banana A yellow crescent shaped fruit with a small brown stem. 5% Restoration
Beef Bowl A small white bowl with brown fillings. 7% Restoration
Cheese A small yellow triangular prism with holes all around. 3% Restoration
Curry Rice A white plate with brown lumpy food on top of the plate. 7% Restoration
Donut A large circular bagel like pastry with a hole in it and icing. 4% Restoration
Grapes A large bundle of shiny purple spheres. 4% Restoration
Hamburger A small bun with seeds on it, filled with cheese, meat, and lettuce. 6% Restoration
Icecream A small brown waffle cone with a large plump white scoop of sweet ice cream laying on top of the cone. 3% Restoration
Juice A small glass filled with liquid. 3% Restoration
Melon A large green plump circle with a darker green stem. 6% Restoration
Milk A large half blue and half white milk carton. 5% Restoration
Mushroom A light brown stem with a darker brown top. 5% Restoration
Omelet A small brown lump with a variety of coloured vegetables scattered on top of the plate. 7% Restoration
Orange A small orange coloured circle. 4% Restoration
Pizza A large slice with cheese and toppings on it. 8% Restoration
Ramen A bowl filled with yellow noodles, and red, white, and green vegetables layed on top of the bowl of noodles. 7% Restoration
Rice Ball A small block of black seaweed with a white filling in the center. 6% Restoration
Rice Tray A small block of rice with tea on the side. 5% Restoration
Spaghetti A small bowl filled with yellow noodles and a red sauce. 6% Restoration
Strawberry A plump almost circular red fruit with a green stem. 3% Restoration
Sushi Platter A tray filled with varieties of sushi. 8% Restoration
Tea A small saucer filled with dark brown tea. 3% Restoration
Turkey A large brown turkey on a white platter with green vegetables surrounding the platter. 7% Restoration
Unagi Rice A pan filled with a dark brown mixture. 9% Restoration

[edit] Special Foods

Other foods that appear in the Super Smash Bro's Series are:

Special Apples: These apples are found in the Green Green course and fall off the trees and restore your energy.
Chansey Eggs: These are eggs which Chanseys (from Pokeballs) sprout. They will restore your energy.
Peach Fruit: These are fruits which Princess Peach will spread over the battle field. These come from her final smash in Super Smash Bro's Brawl and come in high quantities for Peach to restore herself.
Turnip: These are vegetables that Peach holds which can be thrown at enemies to inflict damage, but not be eaten.
Maximum Tomatoes: These are uncommonly found in all of the games in the Super Smash Bro's series, but and are considered a fruit.

[edit] Strategy

Although it isn't as big as the Maximum Tomato or Heart Container, you will want to treat the strategy needed the same. Whenever a bunch of food comes out of a Party Ball, people will be more frantic to reach it which will result in possible KOs and quick damage accumulation. Find an opening to get what food you can, but it is often not worth it to put yourself in serious danger for just a couple of things of food as you will only restore minimal amounts of damage with each piece of food you eat.

[edit] Similar Items

Maximum Tomato
Heart Container

[edit] Trophy Description

Treats that decrease your damage. The nutritional value of each food, and how much damage it heals, is carefully measured. What's better for you, sushi or a donut? Party Balls contain a lot of food, so if you eat it all yourself, you can really lower your damage. There may be times when you laugh and walk away from food, and times when you watch someone else eating and cry.

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