Falco's Official Artwork
Character Information
Series Star Fox
Smash Bros. Debut Super Smash Bros. Melee
Brawl Tier Not Tiered
Smash Bros. Information
Smash Bros. N/A
Melee Unlockable
Brawl Unlockable
3DS / Wii U Starter
Special Moves
Standard Move Blaster
Side Move Falco Phantasm
Up Move Fire Bird
Down Move Reflector
Final Smash Landmaster


[edit] Background

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Falco is a pilot from the Star Fox team in the Star Fox series. Often acting rash or arrogant he's always been by Fox's side in the end. He often leaves and rejoins the team through out the series. Also referred to as one of the three "Space Animals"

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Melee

Falco is available in Super Smash Bros. Melee after you've beaten 100 Man Melee. His major differences to Fox include a deflector that works slightly differently and his flinching lasers. HAL clearly didn’t understand how abusable a rapid-fire, long distance flinch attack would be, because Falco can safely and quickly approach an enemy by firing airborne lasers at varying heights, making it difficult to retaliate. That’s his one main advantage over Fox, who is faster and capable of more insanely technical stunts. Still, Falco isn’t that much below his more well-known counterpart, and definitely stands up as one of the game’s best characters

[edit] Role in SSE

Falco first appears out of his Arwing when Bowser ambushes Fox and Diddy Kong. Falco destroys Bowser's Dark Cannon, but Bowser escapes in his Clown Car. Then a giant Diddy Kong clone appears from the Shadowbugs that covered Diddy Kong when Bowser turned him into a trophy. Fox revives the real Diddy Kong and the three of them fight and defeat the giant Diddy Kong clone.

Falco is next seen flying in his Arwing with Diddy Kong, when he ejects Diddy Kong onto the platform where Donkey Kong's trophy is. After Diddy Kong saves Donkey Kong, Falco gives a thumbs up and leaves. Falco appears again on the Halberd to help Peach, Zelda, Fox, Lucario, Snake and Meta Knight battle the giant robot Duon.

He joins the heroes as they make their way into Subspace to battle Tabuu. However, all the characters, including Falco, are turned into trophies by Tabuu's Off-Waves. Falco can be used in the final battle against Tabuu if he is found and revived in the Great Maze.

[edit] Multi-player

[edit] How to unlock

Complete one of the following:

  • Win 50 matches in Brawl, then defeat Falco
  • Beat 100-Man Brawl, then defeat Falco
  • Get Falco to join your party in The Subspace Emissary

[edit] Pros

  • Highest single jump in the game
  • A good projectile
  • Can reflect projectiles
  • Can chain-grab up to 40-60%
  • Can wall jump
  • Has a good spike in the form of his Dair
  • Reflector can trip enemies often
  • Can laser lock
  • Falls faster than most characters
  • Has the fastest spike in the game
  • Good aerial attacks

[edit] Cons

  • Has relatively few kill moves
  • Kicks out Reflector so he's only protected on one side.
  • UpB move is a lot shorter than fox's and can get you SDed
  • Not that fast
  • Is easily juggled
  • Falling fast gives little time to try and reach the edge of a stage

[edit] Strategies

[edit] Chain Grab

Yes falco is one of the exclusive few to be able to chain grab. The way to do it is to use your down grab then quickly dash forward a bit then grab again. However this only works up to about 50% with most characters. Also another trick you can do with this is Down throw to Dair to spike them.

[edit] Instant aerial phantasm

Instant aerial phantasm- The way to do this is to use your side B immediately after jumping off the ground. If you do it correctly then you'll get a phantasm that goes extremely close to the ground.


  • Less landing lag than using on the ground.
  • You'll spike them into the stage. (Only on small characters)
  • You'll get a wave-dash like effect at the end of the move, giving you more space between you and your opponent, making you less vulnerable and harder to punish.
  • It's much faster than the normal phantasm.
  • It goes a bit farther.

[edit] Curved Firebird

Curved Firebird-The curved Firebird is basically another, less known, direction you can aim the Firebird. Instead of pressing the control stick diagonally or straight you tilt it in between and this should make your firefox curve a bit which can help if you're stuck under the stage.

[edit] Laser Lock

To laser lock you have to fire your laser just as your enemy is bouncing from the recoil of a fall, if done correctly your enemy should bounce again, keep firing your laser and they should continue to bounce. They will be trapped like that until A) they fall of the stage or B) you stop firing your laser.

[edit] Short Phantasm

After you hit side b, time another b and you're phantasm will be shorter than normal.

[edit] Fun Fact

Falco and Ganondorf are the only clones from Melee to return in Brawl.

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