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[edit] Background

Two robots carefully balanced on a single pair of wheels. This boss is believed to be the hardest one in the game. The pink side attacks with lasers and homing missiles, while the blue side threatens with sharp blades and bombs. Either side can perform a dash attack and a spin attack, but no matter which side is facing you, you're in for a tough battle. He is fought in boss battles and in SSE right before you get Mr. Game & Watch.

[edit] Duon's attacks

Duon has different attacks based on which side if facing you. His Blue side has physical attacks while his Pink side has projectiles.

The blue sides' attacks are as followed:

  • He slashes in front of him a few times
  • He fires a bunch of mines from it's head that all explode on impact
  • Uses both of his swords and slashes in front of him
  • He uses the tomahawk at the top of his and slashes straight in front of him

The pink sides' attacks are as followed:

  • He start firing lasers in front of him and then at you
  • He fires missiles that follow you but you can lead them into Duon to cause him damage
  • The top of his head gets a energy ball on it that starts shooting lasers at you

Attacks that both sides can use are as followed:

  • They spin around damaging you if you are close to it and this also changes which side is facing you
  • They dash forward and it also changes which side is facing you
  • They jump up from one side to the other which changes which side is facing you

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