Deku Nut

Deku Nut
Deku nut.jpg
The Deku Nut's art from Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Type Hand Item
Series Appearances: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Appearance: Purple, brown, tiny
Size: Small
Strength: Weak


[edit] Background

see also: Deku Nut

[edit] Item Effect

The Deku Nut is an item that originated in the Legend of Zelda series. When the Deku Nut is thrown at somebody, it will stun them temporarily. If they are in the air at the time it hits you, you will not be stunned, but launched instead. After a certain amount of time of sitting there, the Deku Nut will go off by itself, stunning those around it. It can be found in the third break the targets stage.

[edit] Strategy

The Deku Nut's effect is just like breaking a shield. When the Deku Nut makes direct contact with a character standing on the ground, they will be stunned for an amount of time proportional to their current damage percentage. If a character is in the air when a Deku Nut goes off, then they will be launched instead of stunned. This item should generally be used to setup a finishing blow on an opponent. Once stunned, the opponent will be helpless, allowing you to fire off a powerful Smash Attack to finish them off. Be careful when going to pick one up though. Much like the Bob-omb will start wandering after a time, the Deku Nut will go off by itself if it's left sitting on the ground for too long. Also, just like the Bob-omb, Smart Bomb, and Gooey Bomb, the Deku Nut will go off on contact with any attack whatsoever, so make sure others aren't close by when you go to grab one. So, even though it is not an explosive, you should treat the Deku Nut like it is one since it has similar qualities to them.

[edit] Similar Items

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