Dash attack canceled up smash

The Dash Attack canceled up smash or DACUS for short, is an advanced technique in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Similar to the Slide Smash, it will result in a longer slide distance if done correctly. It is done by performing a dash attack and immediately canceling the dash attack with an up-smash attack. Every character is able to do it, but few can gain a noteworthy addition to their strategies from it.

[edit] Use

DACUS is useful when a character physics allow the up-smash to slide far and fast across the stage. This extra distance allows a player to have an additional attack and maneuverability options for a variety of situations.

[edit] Characters

These characters gain noteworthy slide in their DACUS:

  • Falco: His best DACUS will allow him to slide halfway across Final Destination, and another follow-up option after connecting with a canceled Blaster shot or down-throw. He can also chain the dash attack into the up-smash and not slide.
  • Jigglypuff: Her DACUS assists her slow ground game by giving it the sliding smash.
  • Link: It allows Link to move much faster when attacking, and works really well with his projectiles.
  • Sheik: Her DACUS is most useful for killing as her up-smash is her strongest KO move, but the sweetspot is difficult under normal, stationary situations. It is also one of the hardest Boost Smashes due to timing, but will be useful for moving and speed.
  • Snake: Most useful for stage control, it can easily connect the dash attack and up-smash. Most advanced Snake players are aware of it as its speed and range are perfect for interrupting and launching another explosive on the stage. It is easy to time with and helps Snake with his speed and approaching.
  • Sonic: Can slide three-quarters across Final Destination and is useful for a mix-up game.
  • Squirtle: Squirtle is able to slide with all three of its smashes across most stages but he does not use the DACUS command to do this(See Shellshifting).
  • Wario: The initial frames of Wario's dash attack can cancel into his up smash. He can Chomp combo into a DACUS at a low percent.
  • Wolf: Wolf gets two sliding smashes from his DACUS and it is more powerful as it can KO opponents.

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