Critical Hit

Critical Hit
Marth hitting King Dedede with his Final Smash

Critical Hit is the Final Smash which belongs to the Falchion-wielding Marth. It deals 60% damage, though it doesn't really matter considering the knock back is very strong, KOing any heavy weight character under regular conditions. If landed successfully, a life-gauge from Fire Emblem appears and then quickly drops to zero. When you want to avoid this Final Smash, it is not a wise idea to roll-dodge considering the hit box is the entire length of Marth's sword. If you manage to dodge it the first time, you can still get hit at the end of the Final Smash when his sword flips behind him.

Critical Hit can be avoided using super armor, such as Ike's Aether move. It still causes damage, but blocks the considerable knockback.

You can obtain a trophy of this Final Smash by completing all star mode with Marth.

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